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sneak peek at the latest Quilt of Valor
June 2021

Even though it seems to be taking forever, the sixteen patch Quilt of Valor is progressing bit by bit. First, I tackled the scrap bin to make four-patch units and then sewed them together into sixteen patch blocks

The gazillion pile of four-patch units made 39 sixteen-patch blocks, 24 of which are used in this quilt. The remainder will be used in another Quilt of Valor.  This quilt will need borders before it can be declared finished. 


  1. I love that pattern. I need to do another one!

  2. Interesting pattern. They had a story on our news about veterans that get one of these quilts.

  3. That's such a great use of all of your scraps, although I can't imagine sewing those 16-patch blocks! The eye strain would not be fun. They have all made a great quilt top though. :-)

  4. What a great way to use up those extra scraps! This is a very cool graphic pattern!

  5. This is a great pattern Nancy! I love it. And what a way to use up scraps. Very, very nice.

  6. Really great use of those 4-patch units! I love the layout so far!

  7. Oh, wow....that really is spectacular!

  8. That looks great. I sent your blog info to my friend as she’s starting to sew 16 patches using her 2” sqs. She liked how your setting yours and she may copy it. Although this is a long term leader ender project. I like it too.


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