Still Scrap Busting

a "gazillion" four-patch blocks
April 2021

The smaller pieces (2.5 inch squares) from the scrap bin are now combined into four-patch blocks. I don't have an exact count, but the four inch stack contains at least 130+ four-patch blocks. It seemed to take me forever to sew them and even longer to press. 

I know that some people would have turned them into a leader and ender project (sewing them between other project units), but leader and enders just don't work for me. I chain-piece the scraps so I don't have to deal with them here and there. 

You might want to know how I'm going to use the four-patches. Honestly, I don't know, but the scraps are easier to contain when they are sewn together. 


  1. Yes - those scraps are easier to deal with once you sew them into some basic block. I have a whole bag full of Hourglass and Pinwheels made from patriotic scraps. Once there are enough, then they will become something. I do fine with Leaders and Enders for awhile, and then I get impatient and just start sewing them up.

  2. Nice to have them begun already when inspiration does strike! Nice way to organize scraps, I must say!

  3. I've been feeling the need to downsize the many scrap bins I have also. I need to spend a day just cutting and simple piecing blocks and worry about them later. I even have a bin now with mask scraps. never ends does it?

  4. Oh 4 patches. I’m in the middle of a RWB quilt using four patches. I did like you did and stitched them together long before I figured out what block and quilt layout I’d use. You can check my my past posts if you want to see what I did. I think it is ending at 48 8” blocks and then a small border probably in blue if I have enough. Great accomplishment getting those corralled.

  5. Scrap busting is never ending when you make as many quilts as we do! Four patches are great for a Jacob's Ladder quilt!

  6. That's a mighty big pile! I don't quilt, but that doesn't stop me from having a lot of material. I finally donated some of it...but I still have a lot! I need to figure out if I'm every going to use it or not.

  7. We'll be keeping an eye on those scraps to see what they become.

  8. They look nice and neat and all ready to be put into a beautiful project soon. Two friends of ours, husband and wife, both received Quilts of Valor in a ceremony this weekend in California. I wrote her a note about you and she said to tell you a HUGE thank you for them. It means so much. They both served during the. Vietnam war.

  9. Nancy,
    I love all your quilts. I dot know how we keep the stashes we do. But if you stay on top of it it is organized. Stay on it


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