Friday, July 21, 2017

Scrappy Baby Hats

four scrappy baby hats
July 2017

Sock yarn scraps were turned into baby hats while watching movies on Netflix. Pattern information can be found here.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


July 2017
I'm slowly picking up the project kits that I prepared earlier. Once I memorized the two-row pattern, I began to make more progress.  (The white yarn is the provisional cast-on edge. )

Pattern: Amerie by Lucy Hague (Ravelry link - free pattern)

Needles: US size 9
               (I started with one circular but soon transferred the project
                 to two straights for easier handling)

Yarn: YAK (Lang Yarns) 50% yak and 50% virgin wool
          50 grams (color #772.0074)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Weekend Snaps

Aww, what a flirt!
he even waved to us as we stood watching
Humpty Dumpty
July 2017
Humpty Dumpty visited the Riverton Rendezvous Balloon Rally again. He draws a crowd of admirers of all ages.

His previous visits can be seen here and here

the crowd enjoyed milling around the launch field on a near-perfect
morning for flying a hot-air balloon. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Painting & Detailing

Brenda brought her box of paints and supplies to help me paint the final "house quilt" blocks. On Friday afternoon, we applied the primer coat and that evening, we selected block patterns from Google images and drafted the designs on the primed blocks.

Saturday, after the Fiber Guild meeting, we settled in to paint the Spring, Autumn, and Winter quilt blocks.
Brenda begins by painting the individual tulips
July 2017
Brenda worked on the Spring block, and I worked on the Winter and Autumn blocks, painting the large design areas. Brenda later added stitching and fabric details to the blocks.
Spring and Winter blocks ready for finer details
Brenda asked me what kind(s) of details I wanted added to the individual blocks. I thought the Winter block needed to resemble plaid fabric.
Brenda begins to add lines to resemble plaid
to the Winter Bear Paw design 
Before she left on Sunday morning, Brenda added a clear protective coating to the three finished blocks.
Brenda adds a clear protective covering to the house "quilt blocks"
Spring Flower Basket
House Quilt Block - 16" square
July 2017
Autumn Maple Leaf
House Quilt Block - 16" square
July 2017
Winter Bear Paw
House Quilt Block - 16" square
July 2017
I love the blocks, and I'm thrilled that Brenda brought her paints and supplies because I doubt I would have finished them this quickly.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Whooo Was at the Balloon Rally?

July 2017
My niece made a trip from Denver on Thursday: she came to see the annual balloon rally in Riverton. This is the 37th year that the Riverton Rendezvous Rally has been held, and it didn't disappoint.
peeking over the Wyoming balloon "Steamboat"
The weather was gorgeous on Saturday morning - perfect for seeing the balloons up close and to see them fly, and fly, and fly. I've been to the rally numerous times, and this is the first time, that the weather (wind currents) allowed the balloons to circle the field and sometimes land and change riders. All of the balloons hovered in the area for over an hour.
Brenda (my niece)
It was Brenda's first time at the rally, but I have a feeling she'll be back.
owl balloon
July 2017
Riverton, WY
I think this was the first appearance for the owl balloon. We didn't get to see it inflated because it was hiding behind some other balloons.
owl balloon in flight
 However, we were near when the owl took flight and joined balloons in the air.
owl balloon
Riverton Rendezvous Balloon Rally
July 2017
Yes, I went to the balloon rally and walked among the
gentle giants. My physical therapist gave me the okay
to be more mobile and to use a cane. I had a good time, but
my ankles and legs were quite swollen Saturday night due to
the additional activity.
More balloon photos will be posted this week.

Friday, July 14, 2017

QOV Mystery - A6

July 2017
 Alycia C. (aka as Quiltygirl) is hosting a Quilt of Valor mystery - A6.

She posted the fabric requirements last week, so I "shopped by stash" for appropriate fabrics. I rarely make QOV from yardage, so finding the quantity required for this mystery was a challenge. I had some other color choices, but sadly, I did not have enough of the fabric.

fabric selection for the A6 Quilt of Valor mystery
July 2017
I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with the weekly clues, but I'm going to attempt it.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Comforts of Home

Family room
Ivinson Hospital Guest House
Laramie, WY
My surgery was in Laramie, WY (a four-hour drive from my home). Marilyn and Brenda met me in Laramie the day before my surgery. I had made arrangements for the three of us to stay at the hospital Guest House. It was an amazing facility, built with private funds.

The single-story 4000 square foot facility, a home away from home, has six guest rooms.

guests had use of the full kitchen 
a large dining area next to a patio
computer and printer and free WiFi

rooms with king-size beds and bath
rooms were well lit and cheery
Not only was the Guest House attractive, clean and modern, but it was extremely affordable - $40.00 a night.

More information about the Guest House can be found on the hospital website.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Friend Jean

My Friend Jean - scarf
July 2017
One of the projects that I prepared to work on during my recovery was a lacy scarf/cowl called My Friend Jean by Rose Williams. I picked the pattern because it had a simple chart, and one of my goals this year was to knit from a chart.

I just finished row ten or a 32 row insert, and it is clear that I will not have enough yarn for the complete pattern. I started with a gifted 50 gram ball of Rowan "felted tweed" (50% merino wool, 25% alpaca, and 25% viscose). According to my calculations, I will be able to knit ten more rows of the lace and then begin the seed stitch border. My version will be narrow, but I'm sure I will still enjoy wearing it.

For some reason, this pattern and all the other "my friend" patterns by Rose Williams are no longer available on Ravelry.

When casting on the hundreds of stitches for this scarf, I discovered a great tip to join in the round without twisting. "Join without twisting. . ." A Fool-Proof Method is a free PDF.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Post-Op Preparation

Fortunately, I had nearly a month to prepare my house for my recovery. I obtained all the necessary equipment (walker, cane, bath bench, etc.), laundered and removed all the throw rugs, and made sure I could move about my house with the walker when I returned from the hospital. I practiced using all the devices and found what did and did not work. 

By practicing, I found obstacles that would have been frustrating to handle after the surgery and devised ways to eliminate or reduce the problem areas. For example, the bathroom doorway was not wide enough for the walker with the door in place, so I took the door off the hinges and stored it in the guest bedroom. 

My hairdresser loaned me a device with handles that slipped under the sofa cushions. It would allow me to safely get up off of the sofa. Even though the device was adjustable, my sofa was still too low to allow me to stand without bending my operated knee. I had to find a way to raise the sofa.

Since my sofa has five legs, I could not use the bed risers I already had. The guy at the lumber yard suggested cutting a fence post (3.5 inches square) and finding someone to router a hole for the sofa leg. I came up with an easier solution - a Mason jar lid, nailed to the block, and it worked like a charm.
fence post blocks 
Mason jar lid nailed to the fence post block
sofa on the fence post risers and the handy handles loaned to me
by my hair dresser. 
While the solution is not the most attractive, it is working great. I can safely get on and off of the sofa by myself. If I had not prepared my home for my recovery, I would have been miserable and frustrated.

Monday, July 10, 2017

House Socks - Pair #2

House Socks
women's size 10
July 2017
Another pair of worsted weight house socks were finished over the weekend. These are nearly a matching pair.

Pattern: Warm Worsted Weight Socks by Laurie Sundstrom
               (Ravelry link) free pattern

Yarn: Woodlander (Shade L4)
           80% acrylic and 20% wool

Needles:  US size 6

The first pair of house socks can be seen here

Friday, July 7, 2017

Unusual Subjects

scenic overlook near the Grand Tetons
July 2013
Over the years, I have numerous photos of dead trees. I love the contrast they provide to the beauty surrounding them. Their gnarled branches add interest.

What unusual object(s) do you photograph often.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Knitting Resumes

House socks in progress
women's size 10
July 2017
I haven't done much knitting since my surgery: it has been too hard to knit when my eyelids are constantly flapping closed and sleep takes over. On Saturday, I managed to finish one sock - knit with size 6 needles and a light worsted yarn.
House socks
July 2017
Sue came over on Independence Day with lunch, and as we visited, I finished the second sock.

Pattern: Warm Worsted Weight Socks by Laurie Sundstrom
               (Ravelry link) free pattern

Yarn: Woodlander (Shade L2)
           80% acrylic and 20% wool

Needles:  US size 6

It feels good to knit again and to finish a project.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Back in Time - Playing Cards

playing cards
circa 1979
The night before my surgery, Brenda, Marilyn and I passed the time by playing Nerts in the hospital Guest House. We had to scrounge for three decks of cards: I found two decks in my car and Marilyn had one in her vehicle.

The cards from my car were certainly not "normal": one deck (Betsy Clark) was a mini deck, and the other deck was from Northwest Orient airlines. Cards were frequently given to those flying to help pass the time during a long flight.

In the days before Smart Phones and instant translators, airlines tried to assist travelers any way that they could. The insert in this deck states, "Pick a card, any card! Pick a language any language! Northwest Orient Airlines has printed this deck of playing cards with 53 useful English phrases . . . and their Japanese, Korean, and Chinese translations (in that order) to help you get along a little better wherever you go in our part of the world. Just show the card with the phrase you wish to say . . . and the card will speak for you! An Ace will say 'Thanks' for favors and good service, a Queen will hail you a taxi . . . and the Jack will demand to see the manager. With these cards . . . and a little waving of your hands . . . you should be 'speaking the language' in no time! Why 4 languages? We fly a lot of places, serving 38 US and seven Orient cities. So, pick a card - pick a language - pick a destination!"

Have you seen playing cards similar to these?

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