Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Weekend Snaps

Aww, what a flirt!
he even waved to us as we stood watching
Humpty Dumpty
July 2017
Humpty Dumpty visited the Riverton Rendezvous Balloon Rally again. He draws a crowd of admirers of all ages.

His previous visits can be seen here and here

the crowd enjoyed milling around the launch field on a near-perfect
morning for flying a hot-air balloon. 


  1. Love Humpty Dumpty! What a cute balloon. Have you ever gone up in one?

  2. My brother's snuggle toy when he was a toddler was a humpty dumpty! Fun balloon!

  3. Hot air balloons just look so amazing as they expand, and also as they fly. There is a balloon rally in August in Sioux Falls. Might have to go since it's been many years since I've been to one.

  4. I love your photos Nancy. What beautiful skies and balloons!

  5. I've always loved watching hot air balloons but since I'm afraid of heights, not crazy about going up in one. Humpty is SO cute. He does look like he's flirting. :-)

  6. I hope THIS Humpty Dumpty made out better than the *real* HD. Your photos are so pretty all those bright colors against the blue of the sky.

  7. Such beautiful sights! :) I am so glad you felt up to going :)

  8. It looks like the day was perfect for the balloons! I hope you enjoyed it, and had a great weekend with your niece.


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