Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cashmere Transformation

Several months ago, Julie W. gave me two hanks of 100% cashmere. The yarn was luscious and so soft, but it had a characteristic I'd never seen before. It was not really plied, but had two strands.
stranded yarn
close-up of the strands
While I loved the yarn and the colors, I knew it would be a pain to knit with the two strands of yarn. I've knit with two strands before, but it was worsted weight and easy to control, but I knew the lace weight strands would give me fits.

For a long time, I pondered what to do with the yarn. Finally, it dawned on me that I belong to a fiber guild full of talented spinners. I asked Briana F. if she could possible ply the strands together, and I was delighted that she agreed.
plied yarn
Briana brought the yarn to the Guild meeting on Saturday, and I was thrilled with the the result.

close-up of the strands plied together. 
What a transformation! Now, the yarn is more knitter friendly.

Have you ever seen or knit with two-strand yarn?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Old Glory

Old Glory
Quilt of Valor
58 x 75
Old Glory is the second top made with a patriotic panel from my fabric stash. The border fabrics were pulled from stash to complete the quilt. As with American Hero (posted last week) the final border is a "cheater" fabric.

Old Glory is QOV #103

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Door Prize

bundle of nine batik fat quarters
Last month I went to the Lander Quilt Show and shared some photos. After I made a purchase at one of the vendors' booths, my friend Sheri H. encouraged me to register for a door prize. I seldom win anything, so I was completely surprised when Katheryn E. texted me the next morning to tell me I had won.

I selected the black and red bundle of fat quarters for my door prize. The bundle is so cute, I don't want to open it yet.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thank You, Canada!

Posted on You Tube October 12, 2016: "Seems America could use some cheering up right now. Check out what some Canadians are saying about what's happening down south."

I'll admit the election and all of its drama has been getting to me, so when I saw this wonderful video posted on another blog, I knew it had to be shared. 

Here's a link to the article in the Washington Post.

Thank you, Canada for bringing my focus back to what really counts.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

American Hero

American Hero
Quilt of Valor
60 x 74
Last week, I gathered patriotic panels (six total) from my stash and pulled fabric for borders. The first top finished was American Hero. The outer border was made from a "cheater" print fabric. Panels make quick and easy quilts.

Cut border sizes: dark blue 2 inches, cream 3.5 inches, red marble 5.5 inches, final border 8.5 inches on sides and 6.5 on top and bottom (I ran short of fabric)

American Hero is QOV #102

Monday, October 17, 2016

Playing with Color

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to try something new with the Lander Sewing Group. We met at the Lander Art Center to play with color, using InkTense pencils and color blocks.
Marty B. gives the group some background on the technique
Sheri H. uses a color block on one of the leaves she
outlined from a stencil. 
We used the InkTense color blocks and colored pencils to draw and fill in the shapes. After the color was added, then water was brushed over the color to set it into the fabric.

Katheryn E. adds water to her drawing. 
Once the water was brushed on the surface, the fabric was ironed. After that, finer details could be added to the fabric, or shading could be done.
Sheri H. adds more detail to her drawing 
This woman's free-hand drawing was amazing!
my first piece of InkTense drawing and coloring
At first I was intimidated with the blank fabric but finally drew some free-hand leaves. The leaves were drawn with an ink pencil and then I added the color inside the leaves, wet it, and then ironed. I added more color around the leaves and used the brush and water to "feather" the color around the leaves to give the illusion of movement.

my second piece
I really should have used more color on my second piece, but it was close to lunch. It was a fun-filled morning, and the activity forced me to tap into my imagination in a totally unfamiliar way.

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