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Free adorable knitting/crochet, greeting card downloads can be found on Lion Brand . Double-fold card templates with inserts are available for download as well as e-mail cards. It is fun to browse the vintage paintings of knitting children and ladies.

Stop It!

I consider myself to be a law-abiding citizen: I wear my seat belt all the time, I do not exceed the speed limit, I stop a four-way stops even late at night when no other vehicles are on the street. I don't steal, and I don't share anything that has been told to me in confidence. Considering that side of my personality, I have to wonder, "Why do I cheat myself of success?" I began using NutriSystem in May 2006, and by May 2007, I had lost 60 pounds. Then slowly, oh so slowly, I began my self-destructive behavior of cheating a bit here and there, and before long I had gained 10 pounds. I refuse to give up on my goal, so I continue to order the monthly food package. I know that if I stopped keeping track of every morsel of food that I put in my mouth, that I would gain all the weight I lost and put on even more poundage. I cannot do that again. Yes, I said AGAIN . I have tried Weight Watchers, too, and failed miserably after succeeding. I simply cannot understand the fl