Monday, July 31, 2017

Purple Tweed Cowl

Purple Tweed Cowl
July 2017
Another single skein project that knit up quickly in two evenings.

Purple Tweed cowl
Because I had a single 50 gram skein of yarn, I heavily altered the Eternity Scarf neck warmer pattern. The cowl measures 7.5 inches by 22 inches - just enough to keep the neck warm under a coat collar.

Pattern: Eternity Scarf by Michel Wang (purchased pattern on Ravelry)

Needles: US size 9

Yarn: Blackstone Tweed - Berroco
          Color #2677
          50 grams - 130 yards
          65% wool, 25% mohair, 10% angora

Do you alter knitting patterns to accommodate for the lack of yardage?


  1. Oh that looks so soft and cozy! Love that shade of purple - so rich. I have made socks shorter than I would like just because I thought I would run out of yarn.

  2. Nice job Nancy. I like a smaller cowl for warmth. The longer ones look pretty as an accessory, but I need the warmth up over my neck in real winter. Lovely color . You are doing so well with projects and your rehab

  3. So pretty. You are putting me to shame my friend. I haven't had a finish, (other than mittens), that I've been happy with for awhile. I have so much to do and not enough time to do it.

  4. Hello

    I too finally took up the needles and knitted. You would be so proud of me! I have knitted a cowl and two pairs of wrist warmers. Haven't got to the socks yet. I have the wool, I have the needles, I have the Craftsy toe up sock knitting class. All I need to do is get knitting!

  5. I've been known to alter.

    That is a beautiful shade of purple and the pattern sets it off in just the right way.

  6. Great job with altering the pattern; I love the color!


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