Monday, July 3, 2017

Recovery Wishes

Sheri H. stopped by with chocolate covered cinnamon bears (my favorite),
and as you can see, Marilyn and I enjoyed them. I'm rationing the rest.  Sheri
also brought some freshly baked scones for a special treat. 
I have been blessed with good wishes by email, by mail, and by personal visits. I am truly blessed to have such caring blogger and local friends. Your caring words and actions are appreciated.
The first card I received in the mail was from
Dee K. (Pointy Little Sticks)
Her timing was perfect: it arrived day after I returned home.
The bottom card is from Connie H. (FarSide of Fifty)
 I love that Connie makes her own cards. 
The UPS man arrived with a package mid-week, and the contents made me laugh out loud: Vera L. found some bubble gum cigarettes and some wax bottle candy that I mentioned in the Candy Time Capsule post. Vera also included a lovely stitched pincushion. Everything was wrapped in bubble wrap, that I love to pop.

candy cigarettes, wax bottles, a linen pincushion and bubble wrap from
Vera L. (The Threaded Lane)
Cheryl O. dropped by for a brief visit and brought a Star Gazer
lily from hr and Julie W. - both are knitting buddies of mine
Bonnie S. (Institches with Bonnie) sent a card and some
quilt-related word search puzzles. 
Others have sent multiple emails inquiring about my recovery and sending good wishes. They include: Linda B. and her sister Peggy in New Zealand; Karin H. and Monica J. from Arizona; Cindy M. , Katherine M., and Julie W. from Texas,;Kathy B. and Deborah K. from Wisconsin; Sara F. and Lori H. from South Dakota; Sue O., Katheryn E. from Riverton and Lander, WY.

I am grateful for all of those who have reached out to me. Your friendship means the world to me.

Recovery is going well. I'm mobile and working to improve the range of motion in my knee with in home physical therapy. Marilyn spent the week following surgery with me, and her help was invaluable. I am grateful that she was able to be here with me. Next week, I will begin outpatient physical therapy.


  1. Wonderful to see that you have a cheering section! us! Mail is so rewarding when it isn't bills! Keep on with your recovery goals. We are all rooting for you Nancy!

  2. Yay for your recovery! So glad you are on the mend.

  3. Glad things are moving along well. Continued good wishes and have a happy 4th!

  4. So glad for the update and to know you are doing well!

  5. Have just gotten back online as we've been gone and out of touch. Glad to hear you are recovering well! Thanks for the update.

  6. Outpatient PT is a great leap to recovery. I wish you well and hope it goes quickly.

  7. Hooray for friends and for making progress! I hope the PT will work its usual magic, and you'll be getting around like it's no big deal very soon. Take care.

  8. So glad to see that you are up for some real-time blogging! And that you have so much love to see you through this time.
    You're over the worst of it. I'll never forget how hard it was to watch my mom after her knee replacements. You are both heroes for going through this.
    And, BTW, my mom's new knees have been wonderful for 20 years!

  9. What an amazing circle of love you are blessed to enjoy!
    Everyone is thinking of you and wishing for an easy and speedy recover! How are you doing btw?

  10. So good to hear that you are recovering and that Marilyn came to help you out! Keep on keeping on!


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