Friday, June 2, 2017

Candy Time Capsule

"cigarette" gum packs
May 2017
A flood of memories came over me when I spotted these boxes of "cigarette" bubble gum in a Casper store a couple of weeks ago. When I was much younger, the boxes held narrow white, sticks of candy with a red tip to simulate a lit cigarette. The sticks were hard and could be sculpted with the tongue to a sharp point.

My dad and brothers smoked cigarettes. Thankfully, I never did attempt to smoke the real thing, but I did "smoke" a few packs of the candy cigarettes.

Recently, a magazine (I can't remember which one) had an infograph on candy time capsules that are being marketed. The capsules represent a single decade and include popular candy from that time period. While the price is ridiculous, I think it's a fun concept.

I guess this is not a new concept, as I found this website that lists candy by the decades.

Some candy I remember from the 1950 and 60s were cinnamon toothpicks, sen-sen, gold nuggets bubble gum in a little cloth bag, pixy sticks, jelly nougats, wax bottles, wax lips.

What candies would you include in your time capsule?


  1. OMG I used to LOVE those candy cigarettes! And wax lips & bottles. I had forgotten all about the nugget bubble gum. Also Chunky. There is a store not far from us that specializes in all different nuts and dried fruits, but they also carry a lot of the "old" candy.

  2. Pixy Sticks, Necco Wafers, Root Beer Bottles, Mary Janes ...........I didn't like all of those, but I remember them from the penny candy store at the corner.

    I did like Pixy Stix and my favorite chocolate bar was 3 Muskateers.

  3. I used to love these things when I was younger. My kids are now into the "Pop Rocks".

  4. I adored those gum cigarettes. Also the bubble gum cigars. I liked the wax drink cokes. chicklets! We also loved PDQ that you put in milk to make it chocolate. Fun memories Nancy

  5. My favorite 50s and 60s candy included the candy cigarettes too - and the pixey stix, and the 3 color coconut candy that was pink, white and brown. Found a fun vintage candy shop in Michigan a few years ago and had to buy some old favorites.

  6. Goodness this Was a blast from the past! I remember the candy cigarettes and thinking I was so cool with them. Everyone in my family smoked, but I have never touched a real cigarette. I also remember the wax bottles and lips. I had forgotten about all of these until I saw your post. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
    Blessings, Betsy

  7. MacIntosh toffees (very British), Minties, and Chocolate Pineapple chunks. I think the last two are very Kiwi treats.

  8. Caramel creames and the candy dots on paper and the glass dog that had little candy beads. I seem to remember one shaped like a telephone too! Oh! and don't forget the candy necklace and the so politically incorrect chocolate babies. Joe Bazooka bubble gum too.

  9. I like searching through the candies at Cracker Barrel because they often have candy from back-in-the-day and I enjoy eating a memory! (Razzles gum and Sky bars!)

  10. I also LOVED the candy cigarettes. There is a chocolate store here that still sells them. Hint: the green package of Lifesavers Mints (Wint o green) are the same flavor!! I also saw that Oreos are coming out with a Fireworks special edition this summer, and the red and blue candy in the white filling is made with Pop Rocks!


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