Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cashmere Hitchhiker - revisited

12 grams of yarn remain
May 2017
The cashmere Hitchhiker shawl is off the needles and blocked, and I have 12 grams of yarn remaining. I probably could have knit another "tooth" but didn't want to chance not having enough yarn.

Tip to tip, the shawl measures 84 inches and has 40 "teeth."

finished and blocked cashmere Hitchhiker
May 2017
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This shawl is light and extremely soft.

Thank you to Julie W. for gifting me the yarn and Briana F. for plying the skeins.


  1. Hmmm, what a delicious shawl! Very nice knit finish!

  2. That turned out so beautiful! It must feel like heaven wrapped around you.

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL!

    You could always start a Coziest Memory Blanket with the leftovers. My 60 stitch squares take about 7 grams.

  4. Beautiful. Being lightweight is probably the best part.

  5. 84 inches is a great length for wrapping! It is lovely , Nancy. You are a talent!

  6. It's gorgeous Nancy! I love how it blocked out. It will be perfect for wrapping next winter.

  7. Gorgeous!! Eighty-four inches is a good length for a shawl. Add to that the fact that it is cashmere--I'll bet it's so snuggly-wuggly.

  8. Anything cashmere should be wonderful! :)


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