Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Suminagashi Dyeing - part 2

Sue O. adds dyes to the large tray of water
June 2017
Yesterday, I shared my experience of Suminagashi Dyeing, and today, I will show you how the large panels of fabric were dyed. I did not dye a large square, but Sue did.

once Sue had added all the ink that she wanted, the fabric was
carefully placed on top of the ink-covered water
making sure the fabric is straight and in the tray
allowing the fabric to take up the ink 
revealing the dyed panel
The panel was rinsed in plain water after it was removed from the tray.
It's a fun technique - I would like to try it again.

Important Note: our instructor purchased cotton sheeting for the class and treated it with alum before the class so that it would take up the dye and so that the dye would adhere to the fabric. The fabric MUST be pre-treated.

the ink, purchased on Amazon


  1. So cool. I love this! It would be fun to do large pieces to make a summer top or something. Still chuckling over how very 60's it is!!

  2. Very interesting! I used the Tsukineko dyes on wet cotton for painting but this looks like a great technique for some special quilt blocks!

  3. I am so tempted to try this! Gorgeous results.

  4. Wow, Nancy, this is really cool. I would love to try this. I even know how to pre-treat the fabric!
    I'm thinking about you this week! Let us know how things go.

  5. OOH -- Thanks for all the info. I can now engage in another new hobby. Ok, I'll be strong. although I bet I have alum around from when I was dying fabric...

  6. Oh my goodness! That is just beautiful!

  7. That looks like SO much fun.

  8. This reminds me of a gum that we used to buy in the 70s . The color swirlswere so fun!

  9. Rose did this in school last year. I volunteered that day to help out. Very cool


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