Thursday, June 1, 2017

Goal check

January 2017

As I turned the page on the calendar this morning, I was reminded of the list of "possibilities and dreams" that I made in January. As of today, I have fulfilled three of the stars on the list: dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid, sharing a cup of tea with blogging friends, and reading a Rosemunde Pilcher book.

As for the other dreams and possibilities:
    •  I dislike knitting with charts, so to fulfill that star, I need to make a conscious effort which I haven't done.

    •  I keep chipping away at my yarn and fabric stash, but unfortunately, I keep enhancing both of them, too. No real progress has been made in 2017, despite my efforts

    •  The key to the purple star is the word "someday." I thought the trip was going to be a possibility in 2016, but my travel companion died unexpectedly. Knee surgery in 2017 will delay the trip once more, so hopefully "someday" will be in 2018

Sooo, at the end of five months, I have completed 50% of my dreams and possibilities. I can live with that figure.

Six other bloggers accepted my challenge to complete a Dreams and Possibilities stars. I hope they will prepare a post about their progress, too.

Dee - Pointy Little Sticks

Juliann - Chasing Stories

Vera - The Threaded Lane

KathyB - Compassionknit

Kristi - Thankful Me

Pat - A Season and a Time


  1. Fifty percent at half the year is a good balance! Yay for your work at attaining this!

  2. Well, you are doing better than I - lol. I have a copy sitting on my table at home...will update probably next week. When is your knee surgery scheduled?

  3. When will you have that knee surgery? Lots of knitting time and reading time while you recover. I think half of your goals in half of the year is pretty impressive.

  4. Wow! Fifty percent is really good. I dislike knitting with charts too. When will you have surgery. Lots of knitting time!

  5. Oh my golly . . . I forgot all about that.
    You are making great progress on yours.

    Hope your knee surgery goes well.

  6. I think you are actually more than 50% there - if the one (trip) is just not possible, you can't actually say you "failed" to accomplish it, right??

    Oh good luck with the surgery. I hope it will go well, and that in the end, you'll be thrilled you had it done.

  7. WOw. I Read the Hygge book, I knit a lace cowl. and I improved myphotographs. I Still have to try stand up paddle boarding! Waiting for the water to warm. I cried when Al left, so that's a fail, but I'm getting a bit better at that part of my life.
    This was very fun to look back on. Thanks Nancy for the prompt and the reminder!

  8. Oh AND i found a knit group! Wheeee!

  9. I really want to master dying yarn with Kool Aid, I would love to have tea with my blogging friends and I adore Rosamunde Pilcher (Coming Home is next in the line-up on my Kindle). As I've said before, we have many of the same dreams.

  10. You are making progress! I need to work more on mu ongoing projects! :)


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