Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Little Free Library - Book & a Slice

Little Free Library
 in front of Pizza Hut
Riverton, WY
July 2017
I finally stopped to snap a photo of the Little Free Library in front of the Pizza Hut. Every other time I thought about stopping, there were cars parked in front of it, so I couldn't get a clear photo.

Other Little Free Libraries in Riverton can be seen here:
     •  Riverton High School
     •  Village Drive

Have you spotted any new Little Free Libraries in your community?


  1. I love seeing these - they are just so darn cute and a great idea! I haven't seen any nearby, but I did look at the map for them and I think there are a couple not too far away.

  2. Well, now that's a good idea! I can imagine that quite a few people would notice and use this Little Free Library.

  3. Yes! There is one in the busy part of our tourist downtown. It is quite near the regular library, but for tourists who cannot use the library this is a win win!

  4. What a clever idea! I'm guessing being by a popular family restaurant helps increase the little library traffic too. Plus it's cute as can be!

  5. Great concept and anything that encourages people to read is good. There are suburbs in New Zealand where this is practised but not everywhere. I remember Linda picking up a good read from a free library in a railway station waiting room in England. Excellent idea.

  6. I listened to a neat show on NPR on the way home in the car (alone!) about Free Libraries; very interesting!

  7. Can anyone put books in these? The one near the high school track needs books. I have books.

    1. Yes, anyone can place books in the Little Libraries. Please make sure the books are appropriate for all ages. I think the concept is, if you take a book, replace it with another.

  8. We don't have these down here in New Zealand, as far as I know. But when we go to campsites with our caravan (trailer) the recreation rooms often have shelves of "swap a book" available. Much the same thing, I imagine, and such a good idea to recycle those paperback books.

  9. Oh now that is just too cute! Love the little roof matches Pizza Hut! The little town around our lake has several of these. I think they are wonderful idea. Blessings, Betsy

  10. Love that it has a mini Pizza Hut roof on it. How cute is THAT???

  11. Now that is a great looking little library! Nope no new ones, we have one about 25 miles away, someday I will get a photo:)


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