Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Humpty Dumpty Days

Humpty Dumpty
piloted by Rich Lawhorn
Louisville, KY
Last weekend was the annual Riverton Rendezvous Balloon Rally, but sadly, the weather conditions were not conducive to flying. Based on weather reports, the Balloonmeister grounded the balloons Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. The winds on the ground and aloft were shifting, making flying too dangerous.

The featured balloon (Humpty Dumpty) was inflated on Saturday and Sunday for photographs only. Two other balloons inflated but were quickly reduced to a mound of nylon when the envelopes began to whip in the winds.

It was great to see Humpty Dumpty; however, one balloon does not a rally make.

I look forward to walking among the puffy giants as they are inflated, so this year I left the field feeling like Humpty Dumpty when all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put him back together again -- nothing could be done to salvage the experience except the anticipation of next year's rally and my old photos.   Sigh, it was a Humpty Dumpty weekend.


  1. How disappointing! It's too bad they can't reschedule for another weekend, instead of waiting a whole year.

  2. Humpty Dumpty is a great looking balloon. It is too bad that the weather prohibited the balloon flights this year!! It's a beautiful sight to see several floating above the city at one time. I really liked your cleverly written post. It made me smile!!

  3. Oh how I love balloons! Thanks for the reminder Nancy; our 15th anniversary is this year, on a Thursday... we've talked for years about taking a balloon ride, and maybe I'll arrange it...

  4. It's quite a sight to see multiple balloons in the air; sorry that didn't happen this year. Thanks for posting Humpty Dumpty, though--what a clever balloon!

  5. Sorry about the failure to launch. I have never seen multiple baloons in the air except in photos. Maybe next year. g

    ps - humpty is lovely and we have Yellowstone planned.

  6. BUMMER! We'll hope for a better rally next year. But Humpty really is a fantastic looking balloon.

  7. Oh but thank you for sharing Humpty D with us. His smile is worth a million!!!

  8. Bummer ... but, I have to say, Humpty Dumpty is pretty cute.

    We feel the same way when race days at Daytona are rained out (or in the case of 1998 --- smoked out from wildfires). A race on Monday is just NOT the same. LOL

    Wishing you better weather from now on.

  9. Sorry about the balloon festival, but the photo of Humpty is very cute. Liked the other ones as well, especially the Berry blankie. (Your color is fine!)

  10. He is so cute... too bad it wasn't a go! I know how much fun it is to see them take off!!

  11. he is still sad that not even one of out three days was decent. I am not sure I would want to go up in a big balloon but I sure would like to photograph one. We used to have a festival around here too in the has gone by the wayside. Good for your community! I enjoyed the link to your other posts about the big balloons too!! :)


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