Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Skyward Glance

Western Sky
early evening
July 16, 2012
Lately, the evening skies have been stunning. This image was captured during the Community Band concert in City Park about 8 PM as the ever-changing cloud bank's "silver lining" glowed.

Sunday evening, a thunderstorm brought some much-needed moisture to the area; however, the coverage area was scattered. My lawn and plants looked brighter yesterday from the refreshing rain. Hopefully, more storms will build this week.


  1. I think evening skies are my favorite. Nice shot of the clouds.

  2. Great photo. Our skies have been so hazy and/or cloudy... but we haven't gotten much of the rain that has caused flooding elsewhere in the state. Funny how that works...

  3. So pretty and glad for the rain for you.

  4. Another excellent picture of yours.
    Rebel Follower

  5. That sky is fantastic!! So glad you got some rain. We are hoping for some this week. My garden could sure use it!

  6. Your camera captured the clouds perfectly...what a great shot!

  7. I love sunset skies out West where you really have a view. Here we are so surrounded by pine trees we can't get much of a view of the evening skies. We have finally gotten a little rain, too. My Honey may even need to mow the grass again... he just mowed it 6 days ago.


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