Monday, July 2, 2012

Smoky Skies

Sky Scarf
April 8 - July 1

I started my Sky Scarf on Easter Sunday (April 8, 2012). During that short time, my scarf reflects the skies at home and on my recent trip to Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

The dark grey section depicts the stormy skies in Minnesota and North Dakota. Most recently, I'm using a mixture of the three colors shown for the smoky skies caused by the wild fires raging in this region. A smoky haze appears to hang on the horizon most of the day and then creep closer during the evening hours, but it is the light playing tricks: the smoke is always this close, causing watery eyes and a dull headache. The air smells like a campfire, and it slowly begins to permeate everything in its path. Some nights, I dread opening the windows; however, the house will be hot the next day if I do not, so I succumb and invite the smoke into my house for the night.

The warmth of the morning sun causes the smoke to retreat, but it remains near, hanging on the horizon and obscuring the view. I am certain the brilliant blue skies, typical for this time of year, will not return until the fires are extinguished.

While Colorado's fires are in the news right now, Wyoming also has several wildfires burning.


  1. Besides the smoky skies, are you also having redder sunsets? Those fires in CO are terrible and scary. That scarf pattern is in my pattern stash and looks like fun. What kind of yarn are you using? There'd be lots of greys in a Seattle scarf!

  2. It is so so cool to see your progression on this sky scarf. Yes the smoky skies would be grey! I love how your colors are blending nicely. Great job Nancy

  3. Arrived in Sheridan June 25, and the skies were clear and crisp. By Tuesday, the smoke from what seemed like a million fires around the area had drifted into the valley and it was hazy most of the time. The drive home yesterday was really something, with Casper so smokey as to be uncomfortable to breathe; saw dozens of fire fighting vehicles heading north as I was driving south. Looks like the Cato fire by Buffalo is contained but I hear Ashland is still going. One of my Wyo friends said Wyoming is one giant tinder box.....incredible (Sara, NE)

  4. This is a neat project. What I'd like to see is several of you from around the country, displaying your finished scarves all in a row!

  5. The scarf is lovely and will bring back both happy and somber memories when you wear it! Many prayers have been going out for Colorado and all those in the path of the fires. Here in Texas we are accustomed to grass fires and occasionally brush fires on a larger scale, but this is something that can't even be imagined. "Hold the line" as the firefighters say!

  6. I was just wondering how your sky scarf was coming along. I didn't realize that your area was experiencing the smoke from the fires. We dealt with that some last year as wildfires burned in Texas due to the drought. Often the sky was unusual in color. Sometimes it was tinged sepia like an old-time photograph. And the colors of the sunset were amplified in a strange, eerie way.

  7. Fireman and I are in LOVE with that WIND map.......just had to tell you again

  8. I saw some photos of the Big Piney area and one photo with a Lander Cutoff sign in it..I thought of you. So sad that it doesn't rain and help out the firefighters..they work so hard and it is so hot. Wishing some blue skies for you and your beautiful scarf:)

  9. Turning out great!
    Rebel Follower


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