Friday, July 27, 2012

Foreign Friday

Relaxing at a ryokan after a long day of travel
September 1979
A large group of teachers toured northern Japan on the Labor Day weekend 1979. Taking several cars and a van, we travelled in a caravan from city to city and stayed in ryokans (guest houses). Each ryokan had hot bath houses (sento) for the guests, and after bathing, the guests dressed in summer yukatas and slippers, provided by the ryokan. Guests wore the yukatas to dinner and lounged in them until bed-time.

Unfortunately, I did not write on the back of this photo, so I cannot identify these women who, if I remember correctly, were elementary teachers.

I especially like the light design in the lower left corner of the photo, as it reminds me of a torii gate.


  1. Yukatas look very comfortable to wear.

  2. Sounds like an evening I could enjoy!!

  3. Neat!! I like the idea of yukatas. I grew up in a household where we had to dress for dinner, but now I prefer to change out of work clothes and be comfortable!

  4. That looks like such a relaxing way to end a day of travel. Nice tradition.

  5. Now that's a really foreign idea to me!!! WOW. I need a yukatas..>I wonder what zach's foreign fridays in Leon Mexico will look like


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