Minnesota Sunshine

hand-carved sunflower
March 2021

I received a surprise package in my mailbox last week: some Minnesota sunshine in the form of a wooden sunflower, carved by FarGuy (Gene H.), and painted by both FarGuy and FarSide (Connie H.)  Connie and I have been blog friends for several years.

Both Connie and Gene are carvers and create over 100 hand-carved Christmas ornaments for their family and friends every year. Sometimes, she will host a contest with one of the ornaments being the prize. 

In 2018, I won a contest Connie hosted on her blog, and my prize was a tiny house she had carved. It's a treasure as is this gorgeous sunflower Gene and she created.  

Thank you Gene and Connie for this special gift and for your online friendship.


  1. What a wonderful gift - it would be great anyway, but knowing the people who made it for you makes it even more special!

  2. Wow! Just a beautiful ornament to have in your home especially because of the love in every line of the sunflower!

  3. What a special gift. That would brighten up the gloomiest winter day.

  4. What a wonderful gift! They are both so talented and generous as well. Personal and handmade - the BEST kind of surprises!

  5. That is gorgeous! What a lovely gift and how wonderful to know the people who created it.

  6. You are so welcome Nancy, we are thrilled that you like it! :)


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