Slashing the Scrap Stash

bin stuffed with 2.5 inch strips
April 2021

When I finish a project, I try to cut the fabric remnants into useable scrap sizes. Typically, I cut: 2.5 inch strips (sometimes binding or backing scraps), 3.5 inch squares, 5 inch squares, 6.5 inch squares, 8.5 inch squares, and 10 inch squares. The two bins that get filled first are usually the 2.5 inch strips and the 5 inch squares. 

Last Monday, I noticed the 2.5 inch strip bin was stuffed, so I sorted the strips into piles according to the length. The short strips were cut into 2.5 inch squares for four patch blocks. 

scrap strips prepped for making
Boxed Square blocks

The medium length strips were cut into two lengths (6.5 inch and 2.5 inch) to make Boxed Square blocks. The longer (WOF) strips were sorted by color and left in the bin. 

the purged 2.5 inch scrap bin

It was great to bring the chaos under control, but my job had only just begun. Now, it was time to sew, and sew I did.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your sewing! That's a lot of nice that there is very little waste.

  2. Organizing is an important part of creating and you are excellent at it.

  3. Good job organizing these. Boxed Stars is a great block for strips. I've made a couple using jelly rolls. Can't wait to see what your blocks become!

  4. Thank you for this post. I just keep all 2.5" strips in a box and it doesn't work very well for me. I always think that if I cut into them then the next time need a longer piece. I will try your method and I think it will work for me too.

  5. I really admire those folks that can make good use of their scraps. I just keep piling mine up and thinking about using them. One day.........

  6. I'm sure it feels good to get that all under control.

    I did that with my knitting doo-dads drawer yesterday. My taste in some things have changed. A lot got purged and sent to the Little Free Fiber Library for someone else to love.

  7. You are certainly well organized with your scraps, cutting into 2.5 wide strips is a very sensible idea. And keeping them neatly in a container instead of just all hiddildy piggilidy seems to be the secret.

  8. You really do make very little waste. I appreciate it. We should all try to help the EARTH!

  9. Keeping on top of the scraps is very important, I've discovered!

  10. I try to use my scraps but often I don’t have the right sizes. I’ve kept strips that are 1.5, 2, and 2.5. And I keep the same size squares. I find if I have the right size I don’t have the right color. I may need to quit using lots of colors in my quilting! Nah, never happen.

  11. Now that is organized and that is probably one of the reasons you are so prolific with your quilts. I have barely knitted at all since I've been here. I miss it but sometimes life happens doesn't it?

  12. Oh, I wish I would be so forward thinking! I don't have scraps like that at all! Nice job on organizing!!!!


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