Sew On . . .

4" high stack of Boxed Square blocks
April 2021

Once the 2.5 inch strips were cut and prepped for the Boxed Square blocks, I couldn't stop sewing. It was extremely satisfying to see the stack of blocks grow higher and the stacks of strips grow smaller. 

chain-piecing two-patch blocks

After the Boxed Squares kits were all sewn, I tackled the stacks of 2.5 inch squares, sewing them into two-patch units that would eventually become four-patch blocks. 

Creating blocks from scraps is almost like making a "free" quilt. 


  1. You are making the best of your scraps!!

  2. So true - it feels like a free quilt. In a way it really is free since you didn't buy anything new to make it. Love those boxed squares and thinking I should put that back onto my list of future quilts to make again.

  3. I like that block! Im going to have to add it to my box of tricks!

  4. I like free quilts! What size block is the center of your boxed squares? Is it from I should cut some of these for leader enders. That pile of blocks is awesome. Do they have an assigned quilt yet?

  5. Fantastic work on these scraps---you're right, a free quilt!

  6. Wow! That's one big pile!

  7. Free quilts are always good aren't they? Your pile of scraps looks great! I love how you're using everything to the utmost.

  8. Looks great, and as you say, so satisfying!


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