cutting down Grand Villa trees
June 2021

This week chainsaws  and cracking wood can be heard on the morning air -- more trees are being cut down. I was very sad to see the two trees to the west of my front door come down last week. The trees supplied wonderful shade, and I was able to sit on the bench to knit, visit, or read. With the trees felled, it is too uncomfortable to sit in the sun. 

both trees were felled in short order

I was told the insurance company strongly suggested the trees come down and be replaced with types that did not get as tall.  The Aspen and pine trees will be spared the chainsaw, but all the other species will be felled. 

The tree that was planted recently on the south side of my apartment is a Buckeye, and the replacement for  my shade trees will be Hawthorns.


  1. Oh how sad. It will take years for them to get tall enough to provide as much shade. I always hate to see perfectly good trees cut down, although we had to do the same a couple of years ago at the house. The landscaper when the house was built planted it way too close to the house. It was so sad to cut it down.

  2. That just doesn't seem right, who cares how tall they get...that is what trees do.

  3. It's always sad to me to see the mature trees come down. We had so much tree damage from ice around here the past couple of winters. I'm glad to hear that they are replacing them with new trees however.

  4. That's a shame. A few years back we woke to the sound of chainsaws. They were taking down all the Ash trees in our survey because they were infested with Emerald Ash Borer. It needed to be done, but it was sad - it totally changed the look of our survey

  5. Well, at least you will get shade again.

    About a month after we moved in here, PECO (electric company) deemed our ash had to come down. It was about 70' tall and according to their arborist, it was damaged by emerald ash borer. If it fell, they felt it would take down the power lines by the street.

    It was hard to see such an old tree (estimated at 250 years old) meet a chain saw, but better than having it fall. At that height it would have hit at least the garage, and probably the front of our house.

    When they got it all down, you could plainly see that the wood had been compromised and the previous owners had taken measures to "save it". It was wired from limb to limb with reinforced steel wire.

  6. I lived in Steamboat for thirty years in a mountain side home facing south. Put an umbrella table and umbrella to provide shade on our upper deck. Worked great.

  7. Good grief. Cut because of insurance issues? My quick questions would be were they a species that was known to fall down after it reached a certain height? Were they diseased? Were power lines at risk? Having had to remove trees from various properties we've owned I know it is needed sometime, like a huge hardwood that was planted about 12" from the front of a house. That was a huge expense. Hopefully the new trees will be native to your area and sturdy, safe trees.

  8. I hate that. It pains me to take a healthy tree down but we had to do it. The damage these tall poplars can do to a house is terrible. We know so many folks who have been out of their houses for years because of tree damage. It takes forever for the insurance companies to get anything fixed.

  9. Such a shame to see those trees come down. Can you use a sun umbrella in your seating area for shade in the meantime?

  10. Oh. We have had to take so many trees down since we moved here. Many have succumbed to a bug that has eaten them and suck the life of these very large evergreens. SO we plant a different variety in hopes they will not have a similar fate. We have two weeping willow trees and they are finally starting to shoot up!

  11. I hate to see a tree felled, too! The Hawthorne are pretty trees--though it might be a while before they provide shade on your bench!

  12. Wow ...that is so sad. They could have waited until Fall at least... the hot weather is not time to plant trees. Opinions change so oftren about what kind of boulevard trees to plant...the Arborists never agree:(


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