Thursday, August 10, 2017

QOV Mystery A6 - Clue 4

QOV mystery - A6
Clue #4
August 2017
Clue 4 of the Mystery Quilts for Military (A6) used several of the previously prepared units to create what I assume to be half of the quilt. The bottom half will likely have the bottoms of the two stars as well as another large star made with the light fabric used for the small star shown in the upper left.

This is going to be a dynamic quilt when it's finished.

Previous clues for this quilt can be found here.


  1. Loving this one - very, very interesting and, as you say, dynamic! Lovely.

  2. We are all excited with you! Looking good!

  3. Wow! Not at all what I was expecting from those pieces. This should be very striking.

  4. The red and the black are very striking together.

  5. Oh big stars. This is a cool look. Not traditional but interesting and sharp!

  6. That is amazing. Your points are so perfect. And that is why I will never be a quilter. Not enough patience.

  7. yours is turning out so great!! I;d love it if you would link up so others could see how beautiful yours is ;-)

  8. Wow it will be great! Love that design! :)


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