Thursday, August 17, 2017


PairFect sock in progress
August 2017
I was intrigued with the PAIRFECT yarn in a Denver shop. It's possible to knit a matching pair of socks with this yarn because the skein is clearly marked where to begin. See the yellow strands on the skein - cast on after the yellow strand and knit the first sock. The center of the skein has another yellow strand of yarn, so it's easy to know exactly where to begin the second sock; thus, making it easy peasy to knit a matching pair.

I'm following the recommendations for stitch count, given on the yarn band - 64 stitches

The yarn is  a delight to knit, and like all Regia yarn, it is guaranteed - 10 years

Pattern: Happy Feet Splash (Basic Socks) - free pattern link

Needles:  US size 2

Yarn: Schachenmayr REGIA - PAIRFECT design line
         Color 09090
          75% superwash wool and 25% nylon

Yarn cozies:  courtesy of Betsy in the Anything But Yarn Swap package  I love them! Thanks, Betsy

Have you tried a "new to you" notion or product lately?


  1. Don't fall off your chair, I'm finally finding time to read blogs :)
    I'm going to have to look into that yarn that looks so cool. I'm knitting a pair of socks that I started way back in January and I'm finally finding time to work on them. I decided to knit both socks at one time though I use double points. I love the color your making yours with.

  2. Ok, now we all have to run out and buy a skein! lol
    This pair of socks is amazing! Great post!

  3. Fascinating. Someone had a light bulb moment.

  4. Happy Feet is a very appropriate name for those socks. Looks like they would be perfect to wear with jeans.

    What a clever yarn idea! I haven't tried any new notion lately that was revolutionary. So many new quilting rulers and notions out there, but in most cases I already have something that will do the same thing just as easy.

  5. GUARANTEED 10 years. What? I never knew that NANCY!!!! Glad you liked the demarkations

  6. Now THAT is a great idea! I definitely want to try some of that yarn, but first I need to use up some of what I have on hand. That colorway is beautiful. I'm glad you like the cozies. When I first used them I wasn't sure they would be much help, but boy I was wrong. I love them now and use them all of the time.

  7. Well, that's just fascinating. Of course, I always think to myself "how did they figure that out," and then realize that a lot of people are much more analytically inclined than I am. The socks really look nice.

    The newest "gadget" I'm using is one of those plastic tabs from loaves of bread, that have the opening on the top. I saw a podcast where the person suggested using those to capture/control the yarn tail from a long-tail cast on - BRILLIANT! It works really well. :-)

  8. I have some of that yarn in my stash. I got a summery color that I think is cotton based. I bought it too make socks for my wool allergic friend. But, of course, it is still in stash. LOL

    Probably should get a wiggle on and get it knit up.

  9. Oooo. I have seen this yarn out and about. Sounds fabulous, and I love the fact that it's durable and you enjoyed knitting with it!! Also they look great to boot. (or to sock, ha!)

  10. What a clever idea so that knitters can make matching socks. One day...... I tell myself, I'll try to learn how to knit socks.

  11. I've been curious about this sock yarn as well. I may need to get some so that I can have matching socks (so far that hasn't worked out for me with just regular variegated yarn). Love the colors in the one you chose.

  12. How cool is that? Fall is creeping up on us here although it won't really be cool until October. I'll be giving up my flip-flops for shoes again -- maybe there will be some more hand knit sock happening but I will be using up yarn I have instead of buying new!


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