Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Only a Number. . .

new and old thermometer
July 2017
A couple of weeks ago, the daytime highs were close to 100, but my old thermometer (shown on the right) wouldn't budge above 80. I decided it was time to invest in a new model, and hung them side by side for several days. Oddly, the old thermometer was nearly 10 degrees off during the day, but was within one or two degrees of the new thermometer in the evenings.

Today's ponderable: 
If I didn't have another source of temperature (internet, apps, radio, etc.) would my mind accept the number on the old thermometer as fact; thus, thinking it was cooler than it actually was? Is heat (or cold) a matter of perspective? Is it only a number?

What's your "ideal" summer temperature?

(I am very comfortable with temperatures in the mid to high 70s and will tolerate temperatures in the low to mid-80s before I begin to get uncomfortable. Anything over 95 is nearly unbearable. Thankfully, Wyoming doesn't have a lot of humidity)


  1. I think you would accept it as fact, but wonder maybe about your perception of what was "hot!" I love 68 degrees...but unfortunately, it has not been that cool for months! It was 108 one day last month, and 90% humidity!

  2. Your brain would probably accept what it sees. I love it when it's about 80, but anything between 70 and 85 is ideal. I'm bothered more by humidity than heat.

  3. I think your brain would accept what it sees. The thermometer on our patio (covered) differs from the one hanging outside out bedroom window (2nd floor. Usually just 5-8 degrees which can be attributed to the shade on the patio.

    Fletch jokes that I have about a 2 degree range of comfort. Low 70's are best for me. Can't stand humidity!

  4. I tolerate heat better than cold but not if you add humidity.

  5. I think you body knows!!!! Ideal : today. Sunny no clouds, 70s a light breeze. Last nights sleeping weather was perfect. I got up at 0400 for a minute and relished in the beauty of the night weather.

  6. I think low to mid 70s is about perfect too, especially if there is a breeze. I can stand the heat until it gets up in the high 90s and even then, it's not too bad if it's not too humid.

    I don't handle to cold real well, but I think that comes from living so many years in Florida.

    I don't have a thermometer and I think your theory may be right .........same with clocks. Would we really be HUNGRY at noon if we didn't know it WAS noon???

  7. I think you're right. Without a thermometer we probably wouldn't realize just how hot or cold it was. Hot would be hot and cold would be cold and that would be it. I'm most comfortable pretty much where you are. I love 70 to 75° and even the low 80s. We've been in the upper 90s for weeks now and I'm done. Hot is hot even with no humidity.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  8. It might be only a number but it does give you a good indication of the day! lol My home in FL was 101F yesterday and here it was no humidity and 80-perfect!!!!

  9. Hmmm...interesting. Maybe we need a new thermometer. I think this one is probably 30 years old. I'm fairly certain that my internal thermometer is broken, but I've had it for 53 years. :) I love anywhere from 50-80 degrees. I live in the wrong part of the country because we range from -10 degrees to 120 degrees.

  10. I like 75 degrees:) We have had a great August so far, only a few too warm days. We have a couple of thermometers and some days they differ:)


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