Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Gift Knitting

neck warmer knit with Kool-aid dyed yarn
August 2017
All of the cowls I've knit this summer are destined to be gifts, and I needed to finish a couple more to round out the gift box. A skein of yarn, dyed at the Spring Retreat, made a nice addition to the box.

the middle skein is the one used for the cowl pictured in this post.
I was surprised how the mix of colors in the skein complemented each other once the yarn was knit. The yarn was reclaimed from an off-white, thrift shop sweater: 90% wool and 10% mohair.

Yarn: reclaimed wool that was dyed with Kool-aid and food coloring.

Pattern: Eternity Scarf by Michele Wang (Ravelry link)
               pattern was adjusted to ensure I would have enough yarn
               The pattern has directions for three sizes and has a
                       rolled bottom edge
               To limit the roll of the edge, I knit three rows of the
                       middle section ten rows from the bottom.

Needle:  US, size 8

care tag attached to the gift cowl
Do you add care tags to your hand-knits?


  1. Fantastic results! I am again surprised at how intense you were able to achieve the colors from the Kool-Aid! When I knit from 100% wool, I always include a tag to handwash/dry!

  2. Beautiful! Love those colors together. I have not included care tags, but so far I've only knit for my husband, son, his girlfriend and one other friend...no need for care tags with those people!!

  3. How fun that you reclaimed that yarn...love that! E

  4. That turned out beautifully.

    I only gift my handknits to other knitters (or Steve) and they already KNOW how to take care of them. No tag needed.

  5. Hum, should be something I do. But this year I'm not knitting except to try to finish an sweater. But too hot now. B

  6. How fun! I used to gift tag my stuff. I seem to be less organized about my gift giving, even my hand knits these days. I think this fall I'm hoping to have a return to normal.

  7. How pretty. The colors are beautiful together. I haven't used gift tags and now I wonder why. Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

  8. Your hand dyed yarn is beautiful and what a lovely gift idea for Christmas.

  9. I never would have thought that that cowl came from that skein! COOL.
    I love how you repurpose Nancy ! I write in a note how to care for the item usually


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