Monday, August 21, 2017


I settled in my chair just as the moon began to take a bite out of the sun
August 21, 2017
Riverton, WY
I snapped a before photo of the corner of my deck
and house for comparison as the eclipse proceeded.
Dark in the middle of the day - totality in Riverton, WY
11:39 AM August 21, 2017
looking southeast
It was noticeably cooler as the moon covered the sun. At the second of totality, I heard honking horns from around my neighborhood.
Totality - the moon had totally covered the sun
looking to the north during totality
Totality was just over 2 minutes, and it flew by so quickly. 
The sunlight following totality had an eerie bronze tone. 

immediately following totality - sunlight was a bronze color
I didn't venture out on the streets after Saturday afternoon, but from these photos posted on Facebook this afternoon, it looks like predictions were not too far off. Federal Blvd. is normally not this busy. I doubt it has ever had so much traffic on it at one time.

WYDOT posted some statistics on the increased number of vehicles in Wyoming this weekend.

North Federal in Riverton, WY following the eclipse
a line of cars headed south
I checked the WYDOT webcams and discovered that Lander, WY (approximately 35 miles to the south of Riverton) had traffic jams, too. Law Enforcement requested that locals avoid traveling this afternoon. 

Lander, WY, looking west
Lander, WY, looking east
I hope all these people had a good experience in Wind River Country and that they will be safe driving home.

The eclipse did not disappoint: it was AWESOME!


  1. We were in the middle of a nasty thunderstorm during the eclipse. I sat out on my covered porch to watch. This area was supposed to be about 90% viewing, but no sky was visible except the storm with lots of lightning and heavy rain. However, it did get very dark, like nightfall, and the street lights all came on. And I watched coverage on TV. Pretty amazing event.

  2. We got to see a tiny bit of it- the sun was a sliver crescent, which was really cool. I would have loved to have had your experience - how amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your photos.

  3. I didn't get my dang glasses in time so ordered them for 2024 only to find out that the ones now shouldn't be worn past 3 years! UGH So I WILL get mine before 2024 because we will have totality then!

  4. I was at the lake just north of Spokane so we didn't have totality. We had just a sliver of the sun showing. It wasn't totally dark but more like sunset and it got cold! The neighbors here were nice enough to let me borrow their glasses to look at it. Very awesome.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. How nice that you only had to venture as far as your back yard in order to view the total eclipse! Your photo made me smile - you look like a teenager soaking up rays in order to get that summer tan. :)
    I had to work and my job is such that I was unable to view it although we only had about a 69% coverage. Today was sale day and the cattle kept rolling through the auction so I'll have to wait for the next one.

  6. I was in between Shoshoni & Casper. Yes, it was awesome! Total totality. Tons of cars and campers on the road. License plates from everywhere. After I turned off the road, along came an astronomer who taught at ASU, a rocket scientist from India, a physicist, a man from England, and a family who came from Taiwan just for the eclipse. They had all the necessary telescopes and gadgets. I learned so much. Incredible doesn't begin to describe what I saw.

  7. Holy moly .....Lander looks like Highway 50 in Brevard County right before (or after) a rocket launch. LOL

    Glad you got to experience the full eclipse. We didn't have any here due to thundershowers all afternoon, but I get something even better.

    My nephew flew in from Germany to watch the eclipse (in S. Carolina) and he will be with us on WEDNESDAY!!!!

  8. Wow! Great photo of you looking for the eclipse-good idea!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the incredible event! (minus the traffic!)
    (We had good friends in the 70's who lived in Riverton!)

  9. So cool! Glad you were able to experience this. we were fairly overcast, butt I did manager to see the sun as a sliver (I think my area was at about 80%). Very, very cool!

  10. Thanks for sharing, love it! Hope you are feeling great!! xo Tammy

  11. I agree! It was awesome. We celebrated the eclipse and our anniversary in Oregon. Lots of traffic there, too.

  12. I wish we could have seen it. Like you said, it must have been awesome! However, the traffic is something I don't need to see any more of. :)

  13. Awesome, thank you for sharing your first hand views! :)

  14. Hi there
    Finally able to catch up on blog reading, not always easy while traveling around on holiday. I really wanted to see what you thought of the eclipse. It must have been an amazing experience.


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