Monday, August 14, 2017

Eclipse Fever

Eclipse "Pop" art
Safeway store - Riverton, WY
August 2017
The total eclipse has been in the news in my community for well over a year. Preparation has been made on the city, county and state level - extensive preparation, with predictions that the state's population could double during the event. Locally, my area could see close to 10,000 - 20,000 visitors. If that prediction is correct, Riverton could more than double in population in a three-day period.

My town is nearly smack dab in the middle of the totality band, and the tiny town of Pavillion (pop. less than 200) where I taught for 25 years is THE place to be in Fremont County with an eclipse duration time of 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

Residents are being urged to purchase their groceries, gas, etc. the week BEFORE the event and also warned that the hordes coming to witness the eclipse will put a strain on cell towers and local utilities, clog the roads, and create delays in travel.

I purchased a pair of eclipse glasses several weeks ago and plan to stay home and hopefully watch the eclipse from my own driveway or backyard; however, I have a strong suspicion that the eclipse will not be visible due to all the wildfire smoke that has settled in this area.

Community officials have done everything possible to prepare, but Nature is holding all the cards in this game of chance.

Are you traveling anywhere to view the total solar eclipse?


  1. this is becoming a THING here too. We will be at the barn that morning and will only catch the end of it. Good warnings to shop ahead etc. I have to say that living in a tourist town now makes cell phone dropped calls happen all the time as ourpopulation increases in summer. Verizon makes no bones about it: Too bad for us they say. UGh

  2. Oh I hope the smoke from the first doesn't ruin it. We won't be traveling to see it - best place on the East Coast is northern South Carolina. I remember years and years ago camping with my parents during an eclipse. It was strange, for sure.

  3. Sounds like it will be a good day to try and watch it from your own backyard! I'll be at work of course, so other than noticing a brief change in light, that should be it. Of course, if the weather doesn't cooperate, it won't matter what plans I do or do not have ...

  4. I'm not traveling; I'm going to be content just seeing a partial eclipse. I should have ordered glasses sooner, though. I placed an order today, but had to add in expedited shipping to assure they would arrive in time.

  5. I really haven't even paid much attention to it. Seems funny to me that so many people are excited but I am happy for them to have the experience.

  6. We are going to stay right here in Jacksonville. We will see what we can and not get into all the craziness.

    My nephew is flying here on Wednesday and then driving up to South Carolina to get a good view.

    Hope you have a good view....maybe everyone should buy some big fans, put them in their yards and blow all that smoke back up north for the day.

  7. Please check your glasses against a list of approved manufacturers on either the NASA or websites. Amazon has recalled a LOT of sunglasses supposedly approved but actually not. Sad that this is fertile ground for scammers, but better safe than sorry.

  8. That sounds exciting!! Hope it all goes to plan. Of course, it is rather dangerous to look at the sun with the naked eye, isn't it? I'm sure you have purchased the correct glasses to protect yourself.

  9. We are heading to Portland but are rethinking trying to get closer as the traffic, etc., is predicted to be awful. (It's also our anniversary....) Do you think the weather will cooperate?

  10. It IS crazy isn't it? We finally had some rain and wind yesterday that blew a lot of the smoke away from us. We had planned to go to Oregon next month, but all of the places we tried to find campsites at are full because of people coming for the eclipse and hanging around to play tourist. Our daughter has house guests flying in from the DC area just to view it! My plan is to be at the lake and if it gets dark for a few minutes it will be interesting. I don't have special glasses or a plan to look at it. I am happy for the people who are excited though. Stocking up on groceries sounds like a great idea.

  11. Yikes... lucky you for a close view of 100% and lots of time but not so lucky if your little town is over run with tourists. I would second the caution on the glasses. We got some from our library at the beach house. I'm going to check to make sure they are on the approved list. We'll get a partial eclipse which will be fun to experience. It is so rare to get a total eclipse which explains all the hoopla about it. Hopefully I'll remember to check outside -- no doubt I'll be in the basement sewing away! Have fun.

  12. Not going anywhere, but folks are coming here I guess. All the hype about preparing reminds me of the Y2K days. Ugh.

  13. Looks great, the eclipse pop art.
    We were having a total eclipse here in Europe back in 1999 and where I live in the south of Germany we had it 100%. I remember standing on the terrace of our house experiencing the two or three minutes it lasted. A really magic moment.

  14. We also are in the "path" in Alliance NE. NO MILK at grocery store today - at Carhenge, areas on side of road, all blocked OFF, Lawns on highway are blocked off, 275 planes expected at our airport - even the governor cannot land there! Good Grief - it will be uhhhh .. interesting to see the crowd. HOpe the skies are clear for you as well. Wow, little town, BIG excitement here!


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