Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Eclipse Art Exhibit

by Joan Dillon
A diverse selection of eclipse art is currently on display at the Lander Art Center. If you're in the area, I urge you to see the complete exhibit, as I am only sharing a fraction of the items on display. The show closes August 26, 2017.

"Silent Shadow"
by J. C. Dye
"Collaboration of Inspiration"
by Willie Cunningham and Stacy Wells
"Time Cycles"
Karyne Dunbar
"Freeform Dream"
by Samantha Gale
"Oh Wow!"
by Joan Dillon

Is there an eclipse themed art exhibit in your area?


  1. I love the drawings of the kids wearing their eclipse glasses. Too cute.

    I don't think we have anything here, but I know people all over have been searching for the glasses (which are sold out most places). My nephew is flying in from Germany so that he can go to North Carolina to see the eclipse (which he may NOT see since they are saying the weather will be bad).

  2. Great images. I don't think there is a themed eclipse artwork show here. BUT we have the worlds oldest telescope which is ten minutes away and belongs t the University of Chicago. They are doing special things MOnday, but we will be at the barn and will just watch from home when we get back.

  3. Great pictures! My favorites are the children with the eclipse glasses. There is certainly eclipse fever running rampant isn't there?
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. I haven't seen any themed art around here, maybe because we'll be a bit "off center" of the total eclipse area. Schools have been planning curriculum around it however. And many of our area schools either started this week or will on Monday. Great opportunity even if we don't actually see the total eclipse.

  5. i'm looking forward to the event and hoping for nice weather!
    No art that I am aware of in my rural community! But I loved your display!

  6. We'll be in the 80% range and the news is going crazy about it. I think it is a wonderful thing to motivate young scientists. I can remember partial eclipses in the past but not the frenzy of this one. No art that I know of. Maybe some afterwards?

  7. No there is not. I hope to watch it on TV safer that should have a better view than me:)


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