Friday, August 18, 2017

Night Glow

inflating a hot-air balloon for the Night Glow
Riverton, WY
July 2017
 During the Rendezvous Balloon Rally in July, Brenda and I went to the launch field just before sundown to see the Night Glow. Four hot-air balloons were selected to inflate and "glow." Other balloonists simply surrounded the field and "candle-sticked" which is just igniting their burners without the balloon attached.
Cloud Kisser glows on the launch field
It was difficult to "time" when to snap photos. When the burners were turned off, the "glow" disappeared.
As dusk approaches a small crowd gathered on the field. Many more
spectators stayed in the vehicles that lined the perimeter of the launch field.
The huge Humpty Dumpty balloon required a lot of
people to anchor the gondola so Humpty wouldn't take
off. He was also anchored to a nearby pickup. 
This was the first time I had attended the Night Glow portion of the rally. I will definitely go again.


  1. That is really interesting...never heard of that happening (but, then, I have not been to a festival). Cool pictures Nancy.

  2. I didn't know of such an event either! What a nice time to enjoy the dusk in such a glow!

  3. Beautiful photos! The night glow events are so breathtaking.

  4. Wonderful photos Nancy! I've always wanted to see an event like this.

  5. I had the opportunity of seeing that in inspiring! Such gorgeous colors! I am glad you got to go, because it means to me that you are healing!

  6. I would love to see that kind of event. I'm so glad you went Nancy. Balloons are amazing, but scare me! Ever since I saw one down the road miss the landing..YIKES.

  7. Beautiful, I can see why you enjoyed it!

  8. I love hot air balloons. So beautiful and I'm so happy that you were able to go. I had never heard of candle-sticking. Thanks for the education. :-)

  9. OOo. you captured that glow pretty well if you ask me. I love the balloon in the 2nd photo, it looks like knitting!

  10. I think you did a pretty good job with the photos. Love Humpty Dumpty.

  11. How entrancing. I didn't know they did night glows! Cool.

  12. Those are beautiful pictures. I know people who go all the way from Wisconsin to New Mexico to see the hot air balloons.

  13. Beautiful! The Knight and I both really want to do the balloon ride at dawn one of these days, and between your photos and a co-worker's recent ride, I'm going to schedule it.


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