Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Odds and Ends

dishcloths made with scraps
September 2016
Kathyb's Dishcloth Swap motivated me to knit some scrap dishcloths with odds and ends from previously knit cloths.

I made a smaller version of the cloth, made for the swap - details here - as well as some traditional diagonal cloths.

I tried a "new to me" yarn joining technique, and it is not only easy but seems to be stable, too. It's called the Magic Knot or Double Knot join - see a video below. I was skeptical about using knots, but honestly they really can't be seen or felt. I would not use the technique on a pair of socks because the knot may cause irritation when worn.


  1. I love your cheery dishcloths!

    That yarn joining video (and concept) is amazing. I mean, AMAZING!!

  2. Love your scrappy dishcloths - really pretty and a great idea (hope I can remember). I had just read/seen a video on the double knot join last week...I'll have to give it a try on my own dishcloths. I agree that I wouldn't want to use it on wondering if I could use it on the shawl (still struggling with the yarn joins on that).

  3. Loved the demonstration and the cloths are nice too.

  4. I've been working on scrappy washcloths, too. Might have to give that knot a try.

  5. I have heard of that knot before but I've never tried it. I definitely will now. Thank you for that video. I have a whole bin full of 1/4 balls of dishcloth yard. As soon as I finish a few gifts I'm working on I want to start some scrappy dish cloths too. Yours look wonderful.

  6. Thank you for the video. I need to try this on my next dish cloth as hate weaving those ends in! Nancy

  7. You really used up your yarn well!!...the cloths look great!!! Great way to join yarn!!

  8. and I shall learn even more from you ! DOuble knots it is. Love your leftovers cloths

  9. Love those scrappy colors all together.

    That knot technique is pretty interesting.

  10. Fun dishcloths! I've used scraps for coasters and could sure get busy and make some more.


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