Friday, September 9, 2016

Foreign Friday

Hong Kong street
December 1979
See the sign on the right with red-framed eyeglasses?

The shop had a machine that could "read" your current prescription and copy it. I bought an extra pair of glasses in that shop because my vision was really bad (I had LASIX surgery in 2001), and I didn't want to chance being overseas for two years without a backup pair.


  1. Looks so congested. The eye glass reader.....that would be so nice here. It is a real process to get glasses and the new script around here. Seems like it is a several step process unless you go to Lenscrafters and pay for the convenience.

  2. How clever . . . and why isn't that technology more prevalent now in this country? Seems like a practical idea.

  3. Must be similar to the machine my eye doctor has...but I've never seen it outside of a doctor's office. Hong Kong certainly looks crowded -- even in 79. Our son and his girlfriend were in Hong Kong for New Year's a few years back and really loved it.

  4. Interesting! I wonder if there is some regulation that a business can't do that in the U.S. I have never seen a place that will duplicate eyeglasses here except the eye doctor's office.

  5. It must be even more crowded now! Driving there must be scary!

  6. That would be a great thing to have here too. Our son was just in Shanghai last week. I've never been to China but I do love Japan very much.


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