Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sewing Tip - Cone Thread Stand

making do with a mason jar and a safety pin
Yes, I know my thread holder looks a bit odd, but it works in a pinch. I have a traditional cone thread holder (see below), but I don't like unhooking it from the machine in my sewing room.

Okay, I'm lazy, but why go to the trouble when a tall cup or a mason jar can easily keep the cone upright, and a large safety pin, slipped over the vertical spool holder, with the thread through the coiled portion of the pin to provide a bit of tension work just as well. As you can see, I used it when I sewed the binding on Brenda's quilt. (see Monday's post)

I like this technique for my traveling machine so well, that I purchased a plastic mason jar (shown above) at a thrift shop and keep it in my sewing machine case. The large safety pin is always in my accessories bag. Thus, I'm never caught with a cone of thread that I can't use because I forgot to pack my thread stand.

traditional cone thread stand
the loop at the top of the bar keeps
tension on the thread similar to the
safety pin that I use with the mason jar

Note: I only use the "stand" with cone thread, never spools. The machine has holders for spools, but not cones.


  1. I think you were quite clever and you only have to please yourself:)

  2. Very clever and great for traveling sewing!

  3. Holy Toledo!! What a great idea! I'm going to set that up on my sewing machine right now. My machine does have a cone holder but it doesn't work the way I would like because it is on top of the machine. The thread doesn't pull as evenly as it will with the cone sitting lower than the machine. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  4. Cool Tip! One I'm sure to use from now on. Thanks

  5. Such a great idea! Sometimes the simplest things look best Don't they?

  6. If you were a New Zealander we would call that Kiwi ingenuity!


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