Thursday, September 1, 2016

Focus on Detail

(This week I'm featuring some random close-up photos)

architectural detail
public school building
built in 1893
Hot Springs, SD
June 2011
Not only were old buildings constructed to withstand the elements and to endure, but they were also constructed with unique architectural details, details that added character.

Will today's buildings endure the elements that nature throws at them? Will today's architecture be pleasing to the eye in 100+ years?


  1. That is so pretty! There are some "modern" buildings that I find pleasing...but so many of them are just glass and steel which doesn't really appeal to me. Give me "old fashioned" stone and wood. Then I'm happy!

  2. That is very unusual and especially for SD. Hopefully there will be something that our future generation will enjoy.

  3. Interesting picture.

    Not here in Florida they won't ---- poorly constructed main buildings with a cadre of portable building as classrooms. One good storm and they all blow over, leak, and disintegrate.

    I taught in a portable one year and my desk was covering a big hole in the floor.

  4. Such an interesting question you pose, Nancy. There are 2 buildings down the street from my apartment that have been praised locally as new modern architecture but they remind me of Computer Servers and Server Racks LOL! But what do I know?

  5. This photo made me think of an interesting building on Mitchell's Main Street - an old bank with big pillars flanking the doors. You may be right about the way our modern architecture will be viewed in the future. And will those new buildings last as long as these old ones?

  6. Its interesting how it seems we love the old buildings!!... I'm sure in 100 years people will love ours...if they last:)..

  7. Today's architecture isn't pleasing to my eye NOW! At one point in my life I was blessed to be able to put a lot of time into helping to preserve historic buildings. It's one of the most happy memories I have. Your photo is beautiful!!

  8. I don't think the modern buildings will withstand anything. For the most part it isn't even nice looking. I prefer old buildings.

  9. When we were selling the house, It was 101 years old. People would come in and say they dont make them like this anymore. I dont think to many of those homes will survive because they are tear downs for new.

  10. I don't remember any buildings with this much detail when I was going to school. But, on the other hand, I went to 10 different schools! The longest I was in any school was the first 3 years of high school and it was a brand new building. I suspect some buildings being built now will last a long time as they are being built to higher standards and some are very strong so they can resist earth quakes.

  11. I always love to see old buildings and the detail that was put into making them. Our small town here has some very pretty buildings.


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