Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thermopolis Little Library

Free Little Library
Thermopolis, WY
September 2016
Sue and Bert, dear friends from my teaching days, spied this cute Little Library in Thermopolis on their way to Cody and turned around to snap a photo for me. I looks like it's packed with reading material.  (Thanks for sharing this photo with me, Sue.)

More and more of the Free Little Libraries are visible in the area.

How I'd love to have one in my front yard.


  1. Love the color of this one - and the fact that it is jam-packed! The only one I've ever seen in person was in Pittsburgh...never seen one in Eastern PA.

  2. Love that part is visible and part is not. Makes you want to see all that's inside.

  3. So cute! It makes me think of an antique ice box with the hardware they used. And the color is wonderful.

  4. Cute....they are such a great idea!!!

  5. I just love these little libraries. I did just read an article last week though, that many cities and towns are making them illegal! How crazy is that? They're saying that they are little structures that have no building permits! I can't believe that the bureaucracy. Banning something as good as this. Sometimes our world is crazy isn't it? This little library in your picture is very cute though.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. I can fill it up with books for you!!!!! I would like one in my neighborhood, too.

  7. WOW it would be wonderful to be librarian to a front yard tiny library! At breakfast last week Bill and I were talking about how much a part of our lives the city and school libraries were when we were growing up. We would meet in the library from 7 or 8 years old and on through our lives, and never thought that we would be reading together for the rest of our lives.

  8. That one is REALLY adorable!

    Our favorite one is full of ANTS of all things. :-( Unfortunately, I think that probably happens A LOT in Florida.

  9. Yes you should have one in your yard. I would have one if I lived in town:)

  10. Very cute library. I have never seen one here in Virginia.


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