Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Never, Say Never

English Paper-Piecing
September 2016
The last couple of years, hexagons or hexies have created quite a buzz on the internet, and every time I saw a hexie blog post, I'd shake my head and mutter to myself, "I'd never spend my time sewing hexies."

Ahem, last week I had to eat those words.

The program at the monthly sewing group meeting was English paper-piecing, aka hexies. I selected fabric, took it to the meeting, and went to work after Ingrid explained the procedure.

Ingrid showed the group the king-size quilt top
she made completely by hand. She hopes to
hand-quilt the top as well.  
When I got home, I worked on my hexies and had to admit that although it was tedious (I haven't done hand-stitching for years), it was enjoyable. I decided to make a table mat.

After I had basted the fabric on the paper templates, the first section went together fairly quickly.

A third round was added, and the paper templates were removed from the hexagons completely surrounded.

The last round (green hexagons) will soon be added, and then I'll have to decide how to finish the mat - keep the hexagon edge or cut it straight.

Obviously, I need to be more careful when I say, "never."


  1. I'm spotting some lovely Japanese fabrics I think

  2. LOL...initially, I felt the same way about EPP, but I find it addictive. Your table mat will be beautiful in those pretty fabrics.

  3. Ha ha! I always have to be careful when I say never too. Your hexes are beautiful and I love the fabric.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. OH my goodness.... I just love those!!!! Beautiful...and you should know...never say never:))))

  5. Your hexies are beautiful. I vote for keeping the hexagon border! There is something about hand stitching that I love. It holds my interest when even knitting sometimes loses its "edge".

  6. This is the only quilt besides a baby quilt that I have done. In fact, my Mother brought my hexi top called Grandmas Garden here yesterday, with a backing and a batting attached and secured with lots of pins so I can quilt it over the winter. That much hand sewing must be hand quilted. I really enjoyed hand sewing the hexis, I could take the small pieces in a sandwitch bag with me anywhere and work on them:) I like you table topper! :)
    I bet the paper piecing works better...for getting the pieces exact!

  7. I have found too that as soon as I say I'm never going to do something, that's when I'm pushed into doing it by seeing something that inspires me. Your hexi project is going to be very pretty.

  8. Love your fabrics - they are gorgeous. Hand stitching can be so relaxing. Enjoy the process!! I vote for keeping the hexagon border.

  9. How many times I've said NEVER. It's never REALLY never. LOL

    Your hexies are very pretty!

  10. Good for you! I won't say I'll never make them cause I don't want to start making them ;) (lol)

  11. I could be laughing my head off at you... but I'll try to be polite and say "Glad you liked your hexie experience!"

  12. I never thought I would be a foster parent--and that's how I adopted two of my girls! :-) Sometime "never" really means "yes!"


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