Monday, September 26, 2016

Stash-slashing Continues

six Quilt of Valor presentation cases
three hospice pillow cases
September 2016
The red and blue bandana prints and the tone-on-tone blue flowers were scraps from quilt backs, the striped fabric was an impulse purchase at a clearance sale, the blue/pink flowered fabric at the top was from Marilyn, and the neutral flowered fabric was large enough for the body of two cases.

Approximately nine yards of fabric and scraps out of my stash.


  1. 9 yards is a lot!! Congratulations.

  2. 9 yards down, eh? Time to go SHOPPING!!! LOL

  3. Yay! nice was to bust that stash and now these are ready for a lovely QOV quilt to be tucked inside for delivery.

  4. Bandanna Prints are my favorite
    I think the paisley does it for me!

  5. So pretty! I like all of the prints in these projects.

  6. Very pretty and so useful! I just bought fabric to quilt lap quilts for family members for Christmas and I'm thinking it might be nice to put them in cases. I like the florals best.

  7. Nice work on the pillow cases! They will be popular. Have you seen the Schlep Bag pattern; I'm thinking that would be a good stash slasher, too.

  8. The fabric looks great together....but I don't know if you will ever get your stash down:)!!

  9. Love all the color combinations!

  10. Man, that is the way to clear stash out. I don't have all that many large pieces of fabric. And if I do, I keep thinking I'll use it for something soon! Ha -- that may never happen. Pillow cases look good.


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