Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Vintage Book Giveaway

vintage knitting pattern book
I have two copies of this pattern book and would love to send the extra copy (free) to someone who would use it.  The book contains 63 pages of patterns for infants to four-year olds. I've used my copy of the book many times to knit sweaters.
sweaters for babies
The book contains mostly knitting patterns, but it does have a few crochet ones, too.
blanket patterns
 A few of the patterns are for knit and crochet baby blankets.
toddler sweater
Patterns include sweaters, coats, and dresses for toddlers and even some hats and slippers. Most of the patterns are classics, but a few are clearly dated.

If I receive more than one request for the book, I'll put everyone's names in the hat for the drawing.  I will gladly mail the book to the winner.  Let me know in the comments if you are interested in the book. If a drawing is necessary, I will select a name on Friday, September 16, 2016 - 5PM MDT

Based on my skill set, I would call myself a knitter. I can crochet enough to add an edge or to a knitted article, but don't ask me to crochet a big project. Are you a knitter or a crocheter?


  1. I love looking through vintage pattern books - always fun and sometimes funny as well. Please don't include me - I have too many pattern books/magazines/folders as it is...I need to weed them out! Some day....

  2. I'd be in for the raffle Nancy! I have a friend who just announced she's expecting again. :)

  3. The patterns look so cute but I only use the ones for preemies:)

  4. So cute --- wouldn't it be great to bring back some of those vintage items. I know the book will find the perfect new home.

    (Not with me though. I don't have any babies to knit for.)

    I am mostly a knitter, but like you, can crochet enough to do an edging or do a granny square.

  5. Lovely old book, I crochet more than I knit. I love those old patterns tried and true books but I will pass on the giveaway> :)

  6. Those patterns are so so cute!! I have one little one to knit for...but I'm a slow knitter...so I'll pass on the draw... I like to knit and crochet...but I like fast projects:)

  7. You are so sweet but I'll pass. I knit for babies only when a new one comes along. I do, however, love that yellow sweater and hat on the cover!

  8. Gotta love a vintage pattern book, but I'll sit this one out as I attempt to catch up with the mounds of knitting I already have on the side and in the queue! Very kind and generous, Nancy!

  9. How fun! And what a cute book. I have a granddaughter that falls in this age group. Please add my name to the drawing. Thank you for being so kind.

  10. Vintage books are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing! I crochet and would love to make some afghans for nieces and nephews.

  11. Thanks for the opportunity, I would love to go into the draw.


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