Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dishcloth Swap

dishcloths and scrubby made for the swap
August 2016
In early August, Kathyb organized a dishcloth swap, and fourteen people joined in the fun. The swap guidelines required each person to make and send two dishcloths. One or two small trinkets could also be included in the package.

I sent two cloths, a tulle scrubby, and some knitting notions to my swap partner - Betsy (The Simple Life of a Queen).

Thanks, Kathyb for the fun and easy swap.

The pattern I used is no longer available online, but it uses the Double Woven Stitch - YouTube has a tutorial for completing the stitch here.

Double Woven Dishcloth 
made with US size 7 or 8 needles
one ball of cotton dishcloth yarn

Cast on 38 stitches or any multiple of four

Rows 1-4:   Knit across

Row 5:  K3, P32, K3

Row 6:  K6, *sl 2 wyif, move yarn to back, K2; repeat from * to last
              4 stitches; K4

Row 7:  K3, P32, K3

Row 8:  K4, *sl 2 wyif, move yarn to back, K2; repeat from * to last
              6 stitches; sl 2 wyif, move yarn to back, K4

Row 9:  K3, P32, K3

Rows 10 - 57:  repeat rows 6 - 9 twelve (12) more times

Rows 58 - 60:  Knit across

Bind off

I followed the pattern and had 0.9 oz remaining from the
         2 oz ball of Sugar and Cream
Hopefully, the scraps will make a smaller cloth, possibly with 32 stitches
WYIF = with yarn in front - the YouTube video shows this technique

Scrubby pattern can be found in an earlier post.

The package from my Dishcloth Swap partner arrived yesterday. Look at the wonderful things she sent. Five, yes count them-five, dishcloths, a skein of cotton crochet thread that is perfect for reinforcing sock heels and toes, a DPN case (Betsy made it), and some yummy tea. Thank you, Betsy for being my partner in the swap.

the treasure trove of goodies from my swap partner
August 2016


  1. WOW - you two were well-matched, with the lovely dishcloths you sent each other! And you got some real goodies there. I have my dishcloths finished, I just have to get the rest of the package together and mail it. (I love getting stuff in the mail!)

  2. What a great swap!!!! I would love the pattern for the red/white/blue mitered dishcloth, could someone point me to that on Ravelry??? Thx. xo Tammy

  3. What a fun swap. Just curious if you have tried the dishcloth yarn from Knit Picks? I have made a few dish clothes in my life but the yarn I have seems pretty heavy for a dishcloth. Both your incoming and outgoing goodies would be fun to receive.

  4. Online swaps are such fun. I haven't done one this year, but a couple of years ago I participated in a Halloween block swap. You had a very generous partner.

  5. What fun! Great packages in both directions. Thanks for sharing the pattern for the Double Woven...I may need to give that a try (after my fingers recover from knitting the dishcloths for my swap partner!).

  6. I had a lovely time swapping with you Nancy. Thank you so much for including your pattern because I love the cloths it made. When I am able to go home from the lake, (the smoke is so bad in town we had to escape), I'll try to find the pattern that tamknots asked about. I think I still have it. I know it was a freebie on Ravelry. Have a lovely day!

  7. Ohh how nice!!! what fun to get a parcel like that!!

  8. I love the red, white and blue cloth!! I agree, this was an easy, fun swap.

  9. They are just beautiful. Well done! I am inspired, though mired in current knitting work! Thank you for sharing the pattern and your notes!

  10. That was a fun swap, wasn't it? I love that "flag" cloth! Yours are very nice and an interesting pattern. Dishcloths are great for testing out stitch patterns, aren't they?

  11. Oh what a fun swap and look at all those wonderful goodies.


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