Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Repair Challenge

resistance band with some serious issues
July 2016
Last week, my physical therapist asked if I would mind trying to repair a resistance band. As you can see in the photo above, it had some serious issues. She told me that the repair did not have to be "pretty" just secure, and that the resistance tubing could be cut if necessary.

I took on the challenge and soon discovered that making any repairs with the tubing in place would be impossible. The strap bands had a lot of bulk because they were also heavily padded. Once the tubing was removed, the repair was more manageable.

repaired straps
July 2016
I broke the needle before switching to a heavier needle, and once that was in place, the repair was easier. I first used a zig-zag stitch to anchor the four layers - two layers of strapping (similar to a wide dog leash) and two layers of nylon that held the thick padding.

The final step was to add a straight stitch to reinforce the zig-zag. The repair isn't pretty, but it should lengthen the life of the padded cuffs.

I gave the repaired cuffs to my physical therapist along with a short afghan hook and showed her how a Theraband could easily be pulled through the straps and the knot hidden inside the channel.


  1. That should hold for a while. Nice job and nice of you to help out.

  2. Am sure they were delighted...great job!

  3. Great job....I do not like doing repairs like that!! Good for you for getting it done:)

  4. YOu can take the teacher out of the classroom but..

  5. You are a good soul to help out your PT. Looks like it wasn't a horrible repair but I'm sure you had to think about it a bit to figure it out!

  6. Nice work! I hope she offered you a gratis session!


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