Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Thrills and Chills

carnival attraction at the County Fair 2016
The carnival was in town all last week for the County Fair and excited children and adults flocked to the midway. To me, the carnival is more magical at night when the lights are flashing and glowing on the rides, and the screams of delight and fear echo over the fairgrounds.

When I was growing up, we didn't go to the carnival very much, but the one ride that I looked forward to riding was the Ferris Wheel. I didn't care for the twisting and twirling rides or those that flipped upside down, especially at traveling carnivals. I don't quite trust the equipment that is moved multiple times in the course of the summer.
County Fair carnival
When I was teaching, the senior class was allowed to go on a trip with the money they had raised over their high school years by selling concessions at the athletic events. Class sponsors worked with the students for four years, so they naturally chaperoned the trip.

The class I sponsored planned a trip to Denver and its many attractions. On the top of the list of places to visit was Elitch Gardens, an amusement park. One ride drew a lot of interest: the occupants were twisted and turned at high speeds and dipped upside down multiple times. One of the boys thought I would never get on the thing, but I fooled him. I had a blast, but I didn't think to take off my necklace before the ride. It was all I could do to keep it from flying off.

Do you have a favorite carnival ride?


  1. My favorite ride as a kid was the merry-go-round—I never was the adventurous type, I guess. ;)

  2. We honeymooned in 1981 in Estes Park, and on the way there from Wyoming, we stopped for the day in Denver to go to Elitch Gardens amusement park. We were both 20 years old! I'm glad to hear the place is still going strong! I used to love the Goshen County Fair carnival! xo Tammy

  3. I still love amusement parks and any ride that doesn't just sit still and go around and around. I don't mind being whipped at high speed or turned upside down, I can even enjoy a really big ferris wheel but I don't ride tea cups!!!

  4. Well this will show my age but I like the tilt-a-whirl:)

  5. Okay.
    1. You are so funny to trick the students. Well done!
    2. That Egyptian ride swinging back and forth would have me tossing my cookies and begging to get off it.
    3. My favorite carnival ride is none. The look like they are held together with bubble gum and masking tape...oh so I'd ride the carousel!

  6. I also love the Ferris wheel but as a kid I loved riding the tilt o whirl. The carnival came to town every summer and we only lived a block from Main Street so I always got to go - with mom until I was old enough to go alone. The state fair was a big treat. I also love the midway at night.

  7. I have always had a terrible fear of heights so no Ferris wheel for me, but I did love the bumper cars. I also enjoyed the teacups at Disney World. Just my kind of ride!

  8. I use to LOVE the rides!!! I don't like high ones though... Ferris Wheels really scare me now!!

  9. I did love the Ferris Wheel as a kid. Now I find the whole waiting for people to get on and off tiresome, funny right? I am not more impatient as an older human. ha!

    I am not into spinning things anymore. or upside down things. nah. I like the colors, the lights and the tasty treats of the fair and carnival. sigh.

    That last picture though, that one plagued me forever. Took me a long time to be tall enough ha!

  10. We usually go to the State Fair of Texas in Dallas every year. I used to love most of the rides, but my favorite is the Tilt-A Whirl. Sadly, the last two times we've been, there was no Tilt-A-Whirl. I guess it's just too plain Jane now. I also loved the Mouse Trap. Dallas has The Lone Star ferris wheel, which I believe is the largest one in the U.S. It is a permanent attraction. At the fair I love to get a Fletcher's Corny Dog, hand cut french fries & a Belgian Waffle with whipped cream, powdered sugar & strawberries. My favorite displays are the Fine Arts Building with all the quilts, crafts & canned jellies, pickles, etc., and the Food & Fiber Building, where samples of different foods are usually passed out. At the Automobile Show, we get lots of reusable bags. Each company usually has them & I use them for groceries, totes, etc. all year round. Glad you fooled your students, Nancy! And I just loved your photo the other day. You are beautiful & you looked so happy!


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