Thursday, August 25, 2016

Oh Look, Yarn

I've been working hard all year to Slash the Stash (yarn and fabric), and I was somewhat successful; that is, until Marilyn's neighbor stopped by with some gorgeous shawls she'd knit and an invitation to go to a yarn shop.

We went to Colorful Yarns, and the second I walked in the door, I was just like Dory.

If you look at the photos of the shop under their website's "Gallery" tab, you might understand why I fell off the no-buy wagon.

Dianne showed me the kits for the shawls she'd knit and the store samples of other shawls. Oh my, I was in real trouble but loving every minute of it.

The nearest "local" yarn shop is 120 miles from my house; thus, my purchases are usually limited to online shopping. It was heavenly to see, squish, and pet the yarn in the shop. To justify my selections, I kept telling myself I had premium money from my Fair ribbons, which covered 75% of my stash enhancement spree.

Here's what I purchased at Colorful Yarns

stash enhancement
August 2016
From the top - Top hank is actually two skeins of yarn and beads (a kit to make Sweet Little Nothing by Susan DeBettignies) 460 yards/4 oz. of 100% superwash wool The picot edge and beads really dress up this shawl. I purchased the black/gray/cream kit since I frequently wear those colors.

Second skein - an Indie sock yarn (Becoming Art) - color way December; 460 yards/4 oz. of 70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, and 10% nylon

Third skein - The Natural Dye Studio "Angel 4ply sock yarn" - color way Heather; 390 yards/100 grams of 70% Baby Alpaca, 10% cashmere, 20% silk - from the Clearance Room - this will probably become a scarf

Fourth skein - Schoppel Crazy Zauberball - colorway Domino #2100; 420 meters/100 grams of 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon

Did I stop there? Of course not!

The Picot Dot Wrap by Sheryl Zuccaro was another shawl that Dianne had knit, and I loved it. The shop had several kits - many in bright colors, but I purchased the more "subdued" colors.

kit to make Picot Dot Wrap
As is somewhat evident in the photo below, the yarn has color changes and gradients. I think it will be fun to see exactly what colors are inside these skeins; perhaps, it is not as subdued as I first thought.

both skeins are in gradients

Two skeins of Kauni
       color way EC  (black/gray) - 400 meters/140 grams 100% wool
       color way EQ  (rainbow?) - 400 meters/160 grams 100% wool

Actually, my trip to the yarn shop with Dianne was not the first stash enhancement I made while in Denver. I found some Sugar and Cream cotton on sale ($1.25 a ball) at Michael's. Locally, it can cost up to $3 or $4 a ball.
twelve balls of Sugar and Cream and
two skeins of I Love This Cotton" on clearance at  Hobby Lobby

Soo, my Slash the Stash efforts must begin again. Obviously, when I fall off the no-buy wagon, I go face first and smiling all the way down!


  1. Oh my gosh! You did go face first...but what great purchases! I especially love the picot drop wrap pattern - so pretty. I started Mick Jagged but then got sidetracked with socks and dishcloths - lol. I'm also trying to figure out the best way to join a second color on a shawl...any suggestions?

  2. Well, it is more fun to start with new yard you know:)

  3. You got some beautiful yarn! You only live once so go for all the yarn you want! :)

  4. Isn't "Slash the Stash" fun when played as an ongoing game? I love it! I love the colors of your yarn grab, and anything that includes alpaca and cashmere is stash worthy. Score!

  5. You were just making room in the stash for these new beauties! We could have much worse hobbies than yarn and fabric.

  6. Oh my! You chose some wonderful yarns. I especially like the first one that is a kit with beads. So pretty. You were just using up some of your yarn to make room for this new bounty.

  7. Love the colours you picked! Beautiful ♥

  8. Addiction I think...LOL but it looks great!!! And what fun I'm sure you had!!!

  9. The Indie yarn is super cool. The gradient yarns will go beautifully together. It is so good you can plan. I get stuck on one thing and can't think beyond it .
    You deserve to keep buying some yarn; you've given so much with Quilts of Valor. When is #100 coming?

  10. Nice purchases! Esp. the price for Sugar N Creme; I've never seen it that low. Love the picot dot pattern; it will be fun to see how your gradient yarns work out. I, too, fell of the wagon this week when we were in OR. So, knit on!

  11. Oh My!!! Beautiful Yarns. I wouldn't have been able to resist either!

  12. LOL...good thing you landed in all of that soft, pretty yarn when you fell...made for a soft landing. :)

  13. OMG is right. When you do things you do them up right! That was quite the fall from no buy. On the other hand, winter is coming and you'll have a ton of stuff to choose from. And, as usual you are enticing me to take a look. I really want to make a shawl but have held off fairly well. Now, I'm going to take a look!


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