Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes
Quilt of Valor
57 x 69
Last week, Marilyn and I had another Sisters' Sewing Retreat. I prepped the fabric for this top and another one before traveling to Denver.

The flags in Stars and Stripes and the large panel used to make Allegiance were purchased at a Kansas quilt shop last summer. I haven't seen the panels in any other fabric shop, before or since last summer's trip.

The flags were fussy-cut from the panel and then framed, the star within a star blocks were made with stash fabric, and the piano key border was made with Mary's donated fabric.

Pattern:  American Dreams (Pieced A) - free online pattern

Stars and Stripes is Quilt of Valor #98


  1. OH MY GOSH you are at 98!! i looked up Allegiance from earlier to compare. NICE job Lady! I can see the similarities and I love the piano key edges

  2. Very beautiful. Gives me some ideas for how to use some of the panels I've collected.

  3. You and Marilyn are making good use of those sewing retreats. You are doing beautiful work. It makes me wish I could join you for a couple of sessions.

  4. This is beautiful! You do stunning work with your quiliting. What do you do with all of the quilts you make? Just curious. Hope you're having a lovely day.

  5. I read all of your posts because they come as emails to me... but replying on a cell phone is just a little tricky to me. Just a short explanation of why I reply to lots of posts at the same time. (hum, must try to get computer out more often!) This quilt is great. I love the flags in amongst the stars. Do you send these to Alysia? Or keep them local?


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