Monday, July 25, 2016

Stash Enhancement

13 yards of patriotic fabric for QOV
a gift from Mary H.
Mary H. is one of my QOV elves, and she recently surprised me with 13 yards of patriotic fabric. The solid blue fabric is already being put to use, and the QOV will be featured here soon. Thank you, Mary for thinking of me and QOV.

nearly 17 yards of backing fabric for QOV
a gift from Marilyn
Marilyn found some large pieces of yardage (for QOV backings) at a yard sale in Parker, CO, and purchased them for me. Aren't they beautiful?

Thanks to Mary and Marilyn, my fabric stash has grown by nearly 20 yards.


  1. That's great! I know you will put it to good use.

  2. You will be a busy bee for a while...

  3. Bless that QOV Elf - and she has excellent taste is fabric. Those are beauties. Is that enough for 2 quilts?

  4. Lovely. What a nice gift. WHere DO you keep it all? In the Wyoming vastlands?

  5. What a sweet gift from Mary and Marilyn! I ordered fabric yesterday, but nothing as rip-roaring patriotic as yours!

  6. So nice!!! Glad your stash is growing :)!!! After all our moves is the last couple years.... my stash is very small...although I still have pj material for all the grands that I was suppose to do two Christmas's ago... I better start thinking about those:)

  7. Super gifts. It looks like some of them are big enough for backings. That's my bugaboo. I don't usually buy big hunks of fabric and then I either have to piece or succumb to solids that I have been buying in 5 yard hunks recently. Looking forward to seeing how you use these.

  8. NICE! You have some great new patterns to work with.


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