Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lacy Hitchhiker - revisted

Lacy Hitchhiker
June 2016
For some reason my knitting progress has been minimal this summer, but a couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to finish a couple of projects - Summer Socks (posted yesterday) and Lacy Hitchhiker. Both were finished on June 25, 2016.

As I mentioned yesterday, Lander City Park was the site for my mini photo shoot. At the playground, I had fun draping the shawl around and on various play areas. The children there were curious and a bit amused.

completed Lacy Hitchhiker

Knitting notes can be found on the original post. The finished shawl/scarf used all but 5 grams of the 150 gram skein.


  1. That will be wonderful for chilly fall days. Very pretty!

  2. Beautiful shawl!!... I'm hoping for the day I can knit bigger items.... hats and washclothes are about what I do right now

  3. Great way to use it all uP!! Wow. Close

  4. Were you holding your breath at the end? How many yards are there in 5 grams? Love the finish, and one of these days, I'm going to make one, too.

  5. Love this shawl and the socks posted the other day. How well I know the amusement when taking pictures of knitting projects. It's bad when I'm modeling my scarves or socks in the middle of the summer. Ha!

  6. That looks marvelous! I really think that is such a solid pattern. It always delivers. The lacy version is a very nice touch!

  7. Lazy Hitchhiker is very pretty. Those rocks were a natural model ---- looks like they are wearing a very pretty mossy shawl!

  8. Now you have something new to wear when the first cold front comes your way, which I hope isn't too soon. Well done!

  9. Oh my it is lovely! Good job Nancy! :)


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