Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back in Time - Teaching Buddies

WRHS Faculty 1981
Front row: Ethel R., Sue O., Bev S., Margaret S., Chuck G., Bill H.,
Sharon N.. Second Row: Alice N., Allen H., Jim N., Nancy J.
Back row: Nancy S., LeRoy S., Jim N., Bert O., Kris N., Louise O.
After I returned from teaching in Japan, my next job was teaching Language Arts (English) and Journalism at Wind River High School. Even though I saw a LOT of principals come and go during that time period, the staff members were fairly consistent. In my opinion, it was the longevity and dedication of the staff that kept the school from imploding from the revolving door on the principal's office. For a period of time, we had a new principal every year or every other year and a somewhat militant school board as well. It was the staff that provided the stability the students needed during those years. This group of educators and support staff always put the students first, and I was proud to work with every one of them.

Over the years, one by one, we retired and turned in our classroom keys and grade books. Some now substitute or work as paraprofessionals in the classroom, but others are enjoying complete retirement. Two individuals in the photo above (Kris F. and Bill H.) officially retired in May 2016.

Last month, Chuck and Renee G. hosted a BBQ at their house because Bill H. (who moved to Omaha  and taught there for nearly a decade) was visiting the area. Former staff who didn't have prior commitments gathered at the BBQ and caught up on each other's lives and reminisced a bit, too.

The recent photo below shows we're all a bit grayer. If you're curious to compare, the names of those in both photos are bold and italicized in the captions.

WRHS Faculty (nearly all retired) 2016
Front: Margaret S., Deb G., Phyllis P., Kris F., Bill H., LeRoy S., Dennis V.
Back: Chuck G., Renee G., Nancy S., Dick Q., Jim P., Bruce G.

It was great to visit with a few of my old teaching buddies again.


  1. Teachers ---- sometimes they are the only STABILITY in a child's life.

    Looks like y'all were having a grand time at the reunion.

  2. What a great reunion!!!.... 1980's...seems like not that long ago....but pictures show how fast life goes...

  3. That's great! I don't think I've ever heard of a teacher reunion before. Sounds like you guys formed a strong bond during the years you taught together.

  4. I LOVE that ya'll have kept in touch through the years! What a treasure to be a part of such a special group. Teaching is truly a calling and I know you touched the lives of many students and faculty. I am still in touch with my HS English teacher - she is a gem of a lady.

  5. Somehow I can look at those faces and know that you were all exemplary teachers. I have such respect for good teachers, I guess because I met so many who were not during the time my kids were in school. It wasn't that way when I was in school. I have fond memories of my teachers and great respect for the hard work they performed!

    It's great to hear that you are all sharing some well deserved rest and recreation in your retirement.

  6. Oh HOW FUN. I love your teacher stories.Big day for Zach . He formally resigned his job in town . He will be leaving for Chiapas mexico in August to teach English to children in true need of the skill!!

  7. Fun! I wish I had some photos from my teaching days. I did find a newspaper my class put out though.

  8. I bet that was a fun get together! :)


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