Friday, July 1, 2016

Foreign Friday

Five-tiered Red Pagoda
Miyajima, Japan
Spring 1980
Miyajima's Five-Storied Pagoda, or gojūnoto, is a vermillion-colored tower that stands 27 meters tall. It was first constructed in 1407 and rebuilt in 1533: the tower is dedicated to the Buddhist god of medicine. 


  1. This must be the pagoda that EPCOT tried to copy. It certainly is a beautiful one.

  2. I agree with the others...Beautiful!!

  3. Wow those structures are old arent' they? How do they maintain them with snow etc on those pitchy roofs? Beautiful Foreign Friday Nancy!

  4. Wow! Just breathtaking to see this roof line and the color.

  5. I've never asked myself how they got the upturned corners. Anyone know how? It is a stunning building.

  6. Beautiful! It reminds me of pagodas I saw when I visited Japan years ago.


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