Monday, July 18, 2016

Mountain Sewing

packed and ready to head to the mountains
Last week, Marilyn and I had another Sisters' Sew-in, but this time it was at a cabin in the Big Horn Mountains, southeast of TenSleep, WY.

I took three projects for the week - the four-patch squares, the pinwheel kit blocks, and the Noro hitchhiker scarf.

Marilyn sewing in our Cabin Sweat Shop
July 2016
near TenSleep, WY
When we arrived at the cabin, Marilyn and I scoped out a place to sew. We moved the sofa and set up our sewing tables.

my sewing station - complete with a homemade chocolate chip cookie.
Marilyn made the chocolate chip cookies as well as a family favorite -
raisin drop cookies that our Mom made all the time. 

These photos were taken on a chilly mountain morning. Rather than use the fireplace, we wore jackets to sew.

Marilyn working on her quilt blocks. The stack of blocks in the upper
right are finished. Her project was more tedious than mine, but her finished
blocks were beautiful made with 1930s reproduction fabrics. 

The cabin we used is owned by friends of my nephew Dwight, and it was perfect. The guys (Harold and Paul - my brother-in-laws, and Dwight) fished and explored the mountains. Maria (Dwight's wife) read and relaxed while Marilyn and I sewed.

On the first day, two of Dwight and Maria's friends who also have a cabin in the area, came by to welcome us to the mountain. They couldn't believe that Marilyn and I were sewing.

More photos to come. . .


  1. Oh Nancy!! that sounds so nice and cozy.... looking at your sisters blocks makes me want to start a quilt!!

  2. It must be so fun to get together like that with extended family. Sounds like everyone was relaxing in their own favorite ways.

  3. What a fun place for a Sisters' Sew-in!

  4. Sounds like you are having a GREAT time! Can't wait to see what you and your sister accomplish.

  5. How awesome . . . I think. Just how rustic and remote was this place? The time spent with your sister sounds amazing, although I would not be able to rough-it. Maybe you had more creature comforts than I'm imagining. :-)

  6. This adventure is so fun to read about Nancy! Love your project choices.
    I take it you had to take your sewing machine with.....amazing

  7. How wonderful!! You were real pioneer women, sewing in a mountain cabin. It sounds like so much fun! I have to say, however, a fire in the fireplace sounds like true pioneer ambiance.

  8. So lovely you two sisters could get away like this and stitch to your hearts contents.
    Me, I am looking forward to being at home with sister Linda so we can stitch to our heart's content.

  9. That sounds fabulous!! I love that you two just plunked on your coats to get down to the crafting! hehe.

  10. Oh fun! I LOVE quilt re-treats. It would be so fun to go on one with you.

  11. Oh now you have me hankering to organise a knitting retreat with some girlfriends. It must be lovely to have a sister to share with.

  12. What fun! We have camped in the Tensleep beautiful there! :)

  13. It sounds like you had a lovely time, in a beautiful place, with dear family. It sounds like you had a very productive week and filled it with wonderful memories.

  14. We've been through TenSleep a couple of times! My husband's cousin had a lodge in the Bighorns for years outside of Buffalo. It's gorgeous there. It looks like a fun "sweatshop".


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