Friday, July 22, 2016

Foreign Friday

snow sculpture
Sapporo, Japan
February 1981
Last week, I had several questions about the snow sculptures at the Sapporo Snow Festival. I thought a wooden frame was used for the foundation, but a Google search proved I was wrong. The sculptures are definitely solid snow - click the link for images of the construction process.


  1. Solid snow? Wow! That is so impressive!

  2. These remind me a little of the ice sculptures at the St Paul winter festival when I was growing up in Minnesota. Very amazing what people can create.

  3. It's amazing much detailed work and soon it will melt away. There is something very ZEN about doing all that work and knowing it is temporary.

  4. How many years has this been going on ? What a way to embrace the weather!

  5. Wow... that is an amazing snow sculpture. Interesting....

  6. Wow, a GIANT snow chicken! Love it.


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