Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mountain "Eats"

Marilyn and Dwight
Dutch oven cooking
Dwight planned all the meals for our week on the mountain and did most of the cooking and grilling. On our first morning at the cabin, he prepared a sausage, potato, egg and cheese dish in a Dutch oven. It was yummy.

Other dishes included grilled pork chops, grilled chicken, pan-fried fish (caught by the guys), biscuits and gravy, grilled potatoes with ham, grilled brats, French dip sandwiches (prepared by Maria and Marilyn), teriyaki steak and rice (prepared by Maria), and of course, S'mores.

Lunches consisted of sandwiches and leftovers from previous meals.

The cabin had a unique appliance - a Sunbeam microwave, oven, broiler, and toaster combo that was the size of a regular small microwave. It worked perfectly and didn't take up much room in the kitchen.

We ate well and plainly didn't want for tasty meals. Thanks for being our chef, Dwight


  1. Sounds like the perfect arrangement!

  2. And here I am wondering what to fix for supper tonight. Maybe I should just pick one of the items from your list. Better yet, is Dwight available for hire?

  3. Glad he did the cooking for you guys:)))) Gave you more 'working' time....great guy!!

  4. How wonderful it that!! What a treat.

  5. Yum! How fabulous that you have someone in the group that obviously loves to cook. That would have been my dad too. One of my sons-n-law also loves to cook and I sure don't mind turning the kitchen over to him when he visits.

  6. You have to love a man that knows his way around a campfire!

    Sounds like some pretty tasty meals.

  7. This just made me so hungry! I love campfire cooking more than camping, ha! So cabin outdoor cooking is the way to go. I have a combo convection/toaster oven my BIL got us as an engagement gift and we still use it almost everyday. It's big but it makes me so happy. Did I mention how hungry you made me?

  8. That sounds like fun! I want to learn to cook biscuits and desserts in a Dutch oven. Did you take your quilting?

  9. Nothing better than eating good food in the mountains! It sounds like you had it made in the food department! :)


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