Monday, April 25, 2016

Lacy Hitchhiker

Eyelet lace Hitchhiker scarf
April 2016
After finishing the Sakura scarf, I decided to knit another Hitchhiker scarf but with eyelet lace every repeat. On the eighth row of the pattern, I bound off as the pattern requires, and then K2tog, YO until the last two stitches, K1, Kfb.

    Hitchhiker by Martina Behm (Ravelry link) - see eyelet adaptation above

    Cascade Yarn - Sock Yarn - Heritage 150 Paints (color# 9961)
    150 grams - 492 yards

    US size 6

Since there is more yardage in this skein, the scarf will undoubtedly be longer than the Sakura scarf.


  1. That is beautiful - you did a great job! Wear it in good health.

  2. The yarn you are using is working up just beautifully Nancy.

  3. This is a nice variation of the original. I think I might even prefer it with eyelets.

  4. Love it! I saw a young gal that was wearing one of them shirt and green scarf...perfect! :)

  5. Oooo I love the color!! It's sort of a mink, at least in the picture. Very pretty.

  6. Soooo Pretty! I love the Heritage Sock yarn. I've used it several times and you're right - there's a lot of mileage per skein! I've never made the Hitchhiker scarf, but I love the idea of making it lacey. I saw a pattern on Ravelry where someone had taken each section of it and made a different lace pattern. One of these days . . . . . .

  7. I read LACY as L-A-Z-Y and wondered why your Hitchhiker was LAZY! LOL

    It's looking great!

    1. Haha Dee! Thank you, because apparently you share either my eyesight, brain or humor, ha!

  8. It's lovely! I am a fan of the hitchhiker already, but these detail with the yarn you are using, is really a winning combination!

  9. Very pretty. I like the eyelet lace.

  10. You are knitting so many things! I need to learn to do more than just dish cloths! Nancy

  11. what a nice addition to this pattern. Cascade heritage is lovely yarn - this will be a very useful scarf.


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